What kind of boyfriend should actress Natalie Alyn Lind, aged 15, be dating??

September 25, 2015
First published on:September 25, 2015
by HitBerry

Actress Natalie Alyn Lind is just 16!!! At such a tender age, she has already achieved much of what people her age can only dream of. She has become a teen heartthrob. Now, those who have been seeing Lind growing up right in front of their eyes, might certainly know that she is currently single. While you might also think that 16 is not old enough to be dating or having relationships (Oh, you old timers!!), there are certainly some people who think the other way round.

Several fans of this teenager are willing to do anything to be part of her life. Not just boys her age, but also younger and hotter men are her fans. And only future will tell how many men will stand in a queue just to get a glimpse of her as she grows into a woman. But Lind can’t go out with every man who follows, can she?

There are several people who argue that girls her should not be dating anyone. They believe that a 16-year-old’s primary focus should be their studies and future career, instead of boyfriends and love relationships. But there are others who think that Lind, who is already in the show biz and expose to so many things, should be free to choose her love partner. But they do add that, being a young teenager, Lind should be extremely careful while choosing her lover.

Girls her age tend to fall in love with wrong person quite easily. At this critical time, they get emotional and can’t really decide what is wrong and what is actually right. So people say that Lind should choose someone, who not only understands or loves her, but also respects and protects her. They think it would be better if her parents know about the man she chooses.

Lind, despite barely being an adult, is quite independent. So she should hook up with a guy who would be comfortable with the height of her popularity.

So these are the opinions of Lind’s fans and well-wishers. But what really does she look in her boyfriend-to-be?

In one of her interviews, the actress revealed that she had a huge crush on actor Johnny Depp. “I have a huge crush on Johnny Depp. He’s of course beautiful but he also works with over 18 charities.  That makes him even more attractive,” she said. So, it looks like Lind loves men who are versatile, funny, attractive, and more importantly, kind. We wish this beautiful and talented actress would get a worthy man.

This American actress has mesmerized everybody with her acting and charms in the ABC TV series The Goldbergs. She has also appeared in several other TV shows like One Tree Hill, Criminal Minds, iCarly, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Flashpoint including several movies. She is also all set to be seen as Silver St. Cloud in the second season of Gotham.

Natalie is quiet popular on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. Her fans have also uploaded several videos of her on YouTube.