What is the reason behind actor Jay Harrington's active dating life and numerous girlfriends?

September 7, 2015
First Published On: September 7, 2015
by HitBerry

Jay Harrington’s is NOT gay. In fact, he is rather known to be a real charmer with the Ladies in Hollywood, having being listed as an A list actor. Jay is well known among the female social circles of Los Angeles as being a handsome man with a surprisingly good physique, even at the age of forty.

He is known for being very outdoorsy and has dated many of his co-stars in the past. Every woman whom he has dated has said he is a real catch if you can keep him. All maintain a very cordial relationship with him even after they stop dating him.

His most prominent affair was with his Desperate housewives co-star Marcia Cross. The couple were having a casual affair while the show lasted. They were known to be in a cheerful mood through the whole affair and also managed to keep others in a vibrant mood. They were seen many a times in parks and café’s and restaurant’s going shopping together taking vacations to the Caribbean and much more.

He still maintains a cordiality with Cross and they are said to be good friends, even though they aren’t seeing each other anymore. Jay’s other involvement include Portia de Rossi, who is currently the wife of Ellen DeGeneres. The two of them were known to be much in love and were seen together at events ,Galas and award ceremonies’ together and expressing their love for each other openly.

Jay, as aforementioned, has kept all his girlfriends happy even after breaking up with him. This, he states, is a major reason for him having such difficulty in getting married to someone in particular. Especially in getting to know the right person who will be his wife. He has told that he has plans to get married in the next two to three years, as it is about time.

Jay has been given wide attention for his superb physique, which has women of all ages going gaga over him. He has mentioned his secret is healthy and organic food and daily exercises. He is an avid sports fan and also plays basketball for the celebrity basketball league in Hollywood. Other than basketball, he is also part of a minor league Ice Hockey team.

Jay is not a frequent user of social networking platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, he has fewer than six thousand followers and has tweeted only a handful of times. He can be followed under the username @jayharrington3 on twitter. On Instagram, he in very inactive. The main reason for him being so inactive on social networking sites, he has said, is he because he like to be in the moment and not virtually. Plus, his outdoorsy nature contradicts such a habit.