What is the real story behind writer Dan Harmon and wife Erin's extremely short-lived married life?? Why did they divorce within a year?

February 13, 2016
First Published On: February 13, 2016
by HitBerry

Just a month before their first marriage anniversary, Community Creator Dan Harmon and wife Erin McGathy announced something that stunned their fans everywhere.

The much-loved couple had decided to end their long-term relationship (along with one year of their married life).And within a few minutes of their statements, the media was full of speculations.

While some alleged that Dan's relationships outside the marriage were the reason, others claimed that it was a cheap publicity stunt.

The divorce was first announced by McGathy via Twitter. She had posted that she was sad to announce that they were getting divorced. She also requested people to respect their privacy and they would discuss it openly on their respective podcasts.

She has tweeted further on her divorce saying-

'People may say getting a divorce is an extreme measure for rebooting a podcast, but I'd ask if they heard my interview w/ Rachael Leigh Cook'

 In addition to that, McGathy further posted a picture of her holding an award and the caption read-

'@danharmon Almost done packing, but have couple?'s: 1) Is this mine? (Can't remember) 2) Can I keep it?'

Seems like the couple won't have problem splitting their assets with or without one, reports TMZ. It looked as if the couple had no hard feeling on getting split.

The former couple however, has no any kids.

Even though their marriage was over in a blink of an eye, McGathy was asking for spousal support, says TMZ.

Reports claim that the Community creator and his girlfriend McGathy had been dating for a long time and eventually got married in November 2014.

Their wedding was reported to be the best wedding of all times by Pajiba Site.

Pajiba reported that the marriage ceremony was held at the National Museum of Los Angeles with dinosaur sculptures everywhere. Also, the couple completely indulged in the theme by setting up their own exhibits.Besides this, their wedding included an impressive guest list.

Several news sources have since speculated on the reason behind their separation.

The Pajiba site guessed that the moodiness and self-hatred behavior of Dan may have led them to divorce. Harmon's history of drinking has also been regarded as a reason for the end of his long-term relationship.

Erin McGathy is an American podcast host and comedian. She is popular for her work on This Feels Terrible, as a co-host of Human Conversation with Wayne Federman, and for her work on Harmontown with former husband Dan Harmon.

Harmon is an American writer and performer who is best known for creating and producing NBC comedy series Community. Harmon published You'll Be Perfect When You're Dead in 2013 and is currently working on a second book set for publication in 2016.

Though they are great people, they were not so great together. We wish them the best for their future endeavors.