What is Skins star Lisa Backwell upto these days? Is she still the the biz? Marrried? Dating?

August 27, 2015
First Published On: August 27, 2015
by HitBerry

In the beginning of her career Lisa Backwell shared on screen time with Britain’s brightest young stars, some of which were Nicholas Hoult, Jack O’Connell, Dev Patel and Hannah Murray. However, since her time with the cast of Skins, her career has taken a down fall. So much so that sources claim, as of moment, she has extreme difficulty in landing roles.

Lisa’s character in Skins was Pandora moon, who is a sexually naïve and immature teen .She has a difficult relationship with her boyfriend whom she eventually dumps and treats cruelly for his behavior toward her in the early episodes of the third generation.

After her time in Skins she has only managed to get roles in a few short films. In 2010, she was part of a short movie called Ella. In 2012 she featured in two sort movies Endeavour and Too Good a Samaritan respectively.

Lisa trained in acting at National Youth Theater. Her debut on screen was with Skins. She, along with Kaya Scodelario, were the only recurring cast members from the second series of skins to the third series.

Sources claim Lisa might have retired from acting at just 24 due to lack of opportunities. She currently resides in her home town Bristol .Her personal life was never highlighted by the media, so rumors about her dating life never surfaced. She has yet to be married but keeps her love life extremely private. We have yet to come across any of Lisa’s known boyfriends.

Lisa currently is studying in Bristol and looks toward a career in finance. She moved back to Bristol from London after the completion of her movie Too Good a Samaritan. Lisa lives with her parents and has mentioned that she likes it better than living alone like she used to in London.

She has stated she used to get lonely back in her apartment in London. But all of that is now irrelevant.  She was socially very active on Twitter until 2012, frequently posting updates about her and her cast members. She has refrained from all social activity since moving back to Bristol, where she says she is enjoying a happy quiet country life. Her parents are very supportive of her new venture to study finance.

She still maintains cordial relationships with her co-stars from the show ‘Skins’ and is often seen alongside them in their movie premiers and Award ceremonies. Hannah Murray, the Game of Thrones star is Lisa’s most well known friends. They are often seen spending time together, partying in London nightclubs at the Soho district. They regularly post pictures on Hannah’s Instagram account. Hannah has said that Lisa is her special friend and could always relate to her from the first time they met as cast members at Skins.