Is Oombrella similar to Umbrella? What are its Interesting Factors?

HitBerryPublished on   03 Apr, 2016Updated on   21 May, 2021

The Oombrella, also known as Smart Umbrella is manufactured by the French company Wezzoo, which comes with the information of owner connected with a weather app.

The Uniqueness of Oombrella is its auto-generated notification through the app to you, before it rains and if you leave it somewhere.

How does an Oombrella work?

How does it work? Let us tell you every details about it.

A metrological sensor is integrated into the handle which can identify the pressure, humidity, temperature and light.

The sensor needs to be connected to the smartphone App, 'Wezzoo' via a Bluetooth so it can notify the users about its real-time updates, according to the company, it notifies user 15 to 30 minutes before the rain.

Source: techtimes

Other Features

Moreover, it has a memory to record weather data during its use, it allows users to be connected with other items like camera, smartphone or GoPro, thanks to the screw thread attached on the top of the Oombrella.

It is strapping as well, which is easily able to take care of its user during the heavy rainfall and the strong winds, however, it has more than that, its beauty.

Oombrella has been designed beautifully, by using a special type of iridescent material, as per the company that provides you the feel of holding an Aurora Borealis.

The Oombrella connected with Wezzoo has some interesting factors, such as, users can share the photographs of the weather with each other, so it is helpful to you keep up to date.

It is convenient with both Android and iOS which has already users of over 190 countries and comes with 5 distinct languages.

Source: kickstarter

Oombrella on Social Medias

The times of London twit on Twitter on behalf of Oombrella, saying “ introducing @the_oombrella – the brolly that lets you know if it’s going to rain, or if you leave it behind”, with a beautiful pic, taken in London city of a woman holding an Oombrella.

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