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It’s been a decade that android came within the network of the mobile phone market, now it has almost taken the market segment of smartphone and its user base is growing continuously.

Presently, Android Operating System (OS) is the largest using OS in the market of the smartphone, which has covered 86.8% of total market share in Q3 2016. Most of the famous mobile phone manufacturers use android as OS on their cell phone except Apple and Microsoft, which uses iOS and Windows respectively.

Interesting facts about Android Phone:

There are several reasons behind the popularity of Android Such as Android is an open source so anyone can get it for free, by using android, we can create our own app, Android has a play store where we can get over 2 million applications, Q1 2016 and most of them are for free. Here we have mentioned some of teh Interesting facts of Android Phones.

Logo of Android

Source choosemuse

Google is not a manufacturer of Android

These days Android is under the control of Google, but that was not the case earlier. Founded by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris as White in 2003; they were the members of the Android Inc.

In 2005 Google acquired android from Android Inc. Presently, it controls over 85% smartphone markets.

Android is an open source

Like most of the mobile operating system, Android allows users to modify their operating system without any charge. Since 2008 google has already released 24 version of the Android Operating system.

Android is a Linux-based operating system.

It was primarily based on Linux Kernel, later Google has made various changes to develop beyond the original version of Linux Kernel. At first, when android was developed by Android, Inc. there were two updates, 1.1 Bender, and 1.0 Astro.

Later the company was acquired by Google, and the updated has been named in alphabetical order, after a delicious dessert. The 1.5 Cupcake launched was the first delicious names and presently they are on update 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Android 3.0, the only version that never runs on phones

Presently Android runs on different types of devices. Android 5.1 can run on tablets, phones, cars, and watches. That hasn’t always been the same.

In 2010, the world started going crazy about tablet phone when Apple officially announced the original iPad. Android manufacturers wanted to take advantage on the tablet, but Android was only developed for phones at that time.

Samsung was lucky using Android 2.3 Gingerbread on the medium size Galaxy Tab 7.0, however, if Android was going to continue with the 10-inch iPad, it required to work on some major functions.

At CES 2011, Android released Android 3.0 honeycomb on the Motorola XOOM. It was a completely re-designed interface developed specially for tablets.

HTC G1 was the first Android Phone


HTC Dream G1  

Source xda-developers 

HTC Dream, also called as the T-Mobile G1, was the first Mobile released to use Android as its Operating System. The interesting factor of this mobile was that it was not screen touch, it has a  sliding functionality and a keyboard was attached with it.

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