What is 3D Internet? How 3D Internet Works and What Would be the Future of 3D Internet?

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3D Internet is the combination of two powerful technologies, Internet and 3D graphics. The aim of 3D Internet is to deliver interactive real-time 3D graphics over the web. It is also a simulation of a 2D webpage in real life graphics.

Presently we use web 2.0 and web 3.0 as a Section of Internet. The upcoming section of Internet will take the 3D experience and user interaction to a different level. This type of system is often so real and called as the Virtual Reality. 3D Internet aimed to be visualized as a virtual world.

3D Internet is evolving in global scale and becoming the de-facto cyberspace or environment facilitating business, communication, and entertainment.

How does 3D Internet Work?

Working Architecture of 3D Internet

Source: slideshare

The visual system provides server-side created both static and dynamic content designing up some specific web source (3D environment) involving avatar data, visuals, physics engine, and median and mostly to client programs.

A system server has an essential duty of coordinating the co co-existence of related users. Establishing communication with them and by ensuring in-world uniformity in real-time.

A virtual identity organizing system containing avatar information and identity and also an inventory of connected users, which provides this system to individual world servers and specific client programs during ensuring security and privacy of available information.

The universe location servers include current DNS server availing virtual graphical data as well as provides connection to the methods. This server also works as the distributed directory for the world within network, users and avatar servers.

Additionally, other components of 3D Internet use web-places and 3D object creation and editing software, which is easy to use in 3D modeling and design programs like standardized markup language, sketch-up and communication protocols.

Future of 3D Internet

3D Internet allow participants to have control over the virtual space and its content is readily available, so the users have a choice in whether to interact with an offering.

It can be implemented in various fields such as E-commerce, Product visualization 3D virtual shops, Interact in virtual and much more. So there is no doubt that it has a global future and it will easily replace the present trending of Internet.

3D Internet is a much better way of organizing data that provides an instant consequence of the way our brain works.

Its web-place allows interaction between humans in a natural manner. It is extremely useful in interactive online business and other different fields such as real estate, fashion, distance learning, medical science, gaming, learning, and tourism etc. using HCI paradigms.

It works with involving the latest technologies such as virtual platform, Artificial Intelligence, eyewear like Google glass, holographic image projection, and sensors. In future, it has a capability to attract a highly motivated audience.

3D Internet is a jump ahead to the future of Internet that could support for not only as metaverse, however, will change the way we perceive Internet of today.

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