What happened with Natalie Nunn's pregnancy? Does she and her husband, Jacob have any children?

HitBerryPublished on   29 Mar, 2016Updated on   21 May, 2021

When one of the baddest girls from Oxygen Network’s ‘Bad Girls Club’ Natalie Nunn announced she was pregnant on the ‘Bad Girls Club: Redemption’ reunion, it shocked the entire fan base of the show. The prospects of a girl, who appeared as a 24 hour party person, with an alcohol addiction, turning into a mom had left the followers of the show wondering, how would all this work out.

After the announcement of the pregnancy, Nunn went missing from the social media, TV and the internet, making it difficult for her fans to follow her pregnancy status. Recently Nunn has spoken about her announced pregnancy in an interview. Nunn revealed the pregnancy didn’t go as well as expected, and she had a miscarriage.

The reason for the miscarriage has been, however, not revealed.  There are suggestions that Nunn actually got an abortion to continue with her ‘Bad Girl’ life, without ever turning into a mother. However, in the same interview, Nunn also revealed that she is trying to conceive children with her husband Jacob Pyane, with whom she has been married since 2012.

Nunn also stated that her parents have been of great help to her in these troubling times. She also revealed, her parents inspired her to get back into her job as a model and an actress, after she was depressed after the miscarriage.

The reality show star was still attending University of Southern California, when she decided to drop out to pursue her dream of becoming a television personality. She rose into fame after she was casted on the fourth season of the Bad Girls Club. But only after 11 episodes into the show, Nunn was removed from the cast because she had a physical altercation with the cast mates Amber McWha, Lexie Woltz and Kendra James. The popularity she achieved, however compelled, the producers of the show to bring her back in the fourth season of the show.

Nunn has presented herself in several other TV shows. She was a feature in popular TV shows like ‘Love Games’ and ‘Marriage Boot Camp’. Her new show ‘Mother/Daughter Experiment’, in which she stars as herself, is also getting a rapid popularity.

The reality star is also very popular across social media networks. 1 million of her fans keep up with her updates through her Facebook.  Her Twitter has nearly 482k followers, while about 619k of her fans follow her on Instagram. She updates about her diet plans, TV shows and exercise plans through her social handles.

Nunn was paid a healthy sum for her appearance in the Bad Girls TV series. She is also ambassador of several local brands and publishes her own diet formula to stay healthy. All these have significant contribution towards Nunn’s net worth, which is estimated to somewhere around half a million dollars.