What exactly is Beyonce's Lemonade? The singer releases a cryptic teaser online.

HitBerryPublished on   17 Apr, 2016Updated on   30 May, 2021

“What am I gonna do, love? What am I gonna do?”  Watch Beyonce whisper those words in the video from the link below. She posted the a teaser with the caption:”#LEMONADE 4.23 9PM ET | HBO”

So, what is she gonna do?

Her look on the 20-second teaser video appears to be from the “Formation” video wardrobe suggested some sort of direct sequel. The teaser video shows Beyonce wearing blond cornrows and a fur jacket, leaning against what appears to be the hood of a vehicle whispering the words, What am I gonna do love? What am I gonna do?

Beyonce has literally stretched the curiosity of her loyal fans further after the release of a new trailer on HBO official.


The new trailer video speaks ‘personal’ to me. With the release of the trailer speculations about Beyonce and Jay Z getting a divorce are in the air. To be more specific, speculations are building up directing towards the troubled relationship between Beyoncé and her husband saying that the images presented in the video are extremely instructive.

Fans first speculated that the entertainer was working on a new project after she was spotted filming multiple videos in New Orleans and Los Angeles in recent months. But after the release of a new trailer, the premiere is linked to her personal life or another self-directed documentary like 2013’s Life Is But a Dream?

We can’t help but think, what exactly Beyonce's Lemonade is going to be like?  Something personal or a new album release or a self-documentary? 

 Fans are trying hard enough to decipher the meaning of her teaser and trailer videos and what exactly she is going to do on the 23rd night, in the HBO world premiere event.

Here are some of the guesses and the credit goes to the fans.

What do you think the preview of 'Lemonade' by Beyoncé is .

— Music News & Facts (@musicnews_facts) April 16, 2016

Beyonce is coming and I am not ready!

beyoncé is coming and i am not ready pic.twitter.com/hsEWK07QyI

— ?Dom (@DOMONlC) April 16, 2016