What does SMH Mean? How to Use it?

January 31, 2018
First Published On: September 24, 2017

A friend or colleague of yours texts you ‘This is the third time I told that new boy to modify the report. And you know what? He just removed the spaces and subheadings. SMH’. (Oh! I know LOL, TTYL but what the hell SMH means). You obviously would not want to just fake a smile, especially in a group chat. And the hell you won’t ask. That’s embarrassing, you think (By the way, this means you have grown old, not literally but yes, in the internet world).

So your only option. Google for SHM. Of course, how is anyone supposed to know everything that’s popping on the internet? That’s really impossible. So it’s okay not to know but it’s good to stay informed especially if you are active on social media plus you can become popular and stay young.

If you have not already searched on the internet, here’s what SMH means? Simply ‘Shaking My Head’ or ‘Shake My Head’, according to Urban Dictionary. But SMH also means So Much Hate as well as Stupid Minded Humans. Stick till the end if you don’t want to get confused. It’s important to know because you know, you might end up saying ‘Go to hell’ but what you actually meant was ‘I’m really sorry’. This is just a metaphor, guys.

Know some details

If you are already here, it means you are officially a ‘Netizen’ and you probably have more accounts on the internet than the number of your bank accounts. No doubt you are familiar with popular internet acronyms or popularly known as ‘Internet slangs’ like LOL, ROFL, FYI, WYWH and FP as people love to use slangs all the time. Internet slangs are adored by Netizens for two reasons- less typing and look cool.

SMH like ROTFLMAF, also has many forms (derivatives). But first, did you know that these slangs may be copyrighted? Nah just kidding. Just a brief history before we get started. Common folks, it won’t hurt to know a little.

Acronyms are a form of txt-speak or simply SMS language which emerged because only a limited number of text could fit in a single SMS. Twitter users can relate to this. You got it, right? In other words, to save money and time.

No matter what the history suggests, one thing is for sure. Internet slangs were born out of the laziness but today they hold great values. These are used for expressing feelings like emoticons, but it's more like text telling you something (so called txt-speak), so you don't need to explain how you feel. While some argue that it may ruin grammatical writing, Netizens seem to barely care for their grammatical errors.

How and Where to use SMH?

Getting bored? Okay, no more boring information. Let’s get back to business. By the way, you can also form your own acronym, if you want but make sure you are the not only one using it. But you can keep trying and then may be one day everybody’s gonna use it. Who knows, you can be famous?

SMH, short for Shaking My Head is used to express something hilarious or something so stupid you do not have words for it or simply disbelief. Let’s look at this example if you seem to get confused. Suppose, a friend of yours, say Adam just got caught by his girlfriend making love with her sister at their home and texts you. Somewhat like this.

Adam: Yo man. Just got busted while having sex with bae’s sister. AT BAE'S HOME.

You:  SMH!!

You get the point here? How can someone be so stupid to have sex with his girlfriend’s sister, not to mention at home?

Now you can imagine yourself doing the SMH literally. Many times we also get to view uploads on the internet (Facebook, Youtube, Tweeter, etc.) where we see the stupidity of some people out of this world, we start wondering why hasn't the ET kidnapped this person yet. Here's a joke that will make you SMH.

Simply no words Simply no words Source: me.me

If you have noticed, SMH is also used to express your superiority, given the context. You don't believe me? When you were reading the example above, you were thinking how stupid this person can be, weren’t you? So what does that make you? Don’t worry. Nobody’s going to judge you for this. Feel free to use but again be careful!

Similarly, you can also use SMDH and SMGDH in the same way. SMDH and SMGDH stand for ‘Shaking My Damn Head’ and ‘Shaking My God Damn Head’. They have the same meaning.

SMH also means SO MUCH HATE

But wait. SMHID, another alias for SMH, is also used to express disappointment regarding someone’s actions. Full form of SMHID stands for Shaking My Head In Despair. Because let’s face the fact. We shake our heads in several situations. One has already been discussed. Another situation is when we expect a lot from some people but our hope gets crushed. Likewise often when we get irritated or get tired of something, we tend to shake our head.

For instance, when we get tired of listening to our parents telling us the same thing again and again. In fact, it really depends on you and in what situation you would shake your head. Here’s another classic example you can relate.

Suppose you are a die-hard fan of some club, say Real Madrid and your club just lost due to Iker Casillas, moving too far from the goal post while trying to tackle Neymar’s move. Now you want to tweet. How would you write? Something like this?

Can’t believe Real Madrid lost. Iker can be so silly sometimes. SMHID

SMHL, another form of SMH means Shaking My Head Laughing, meaning the same as SMH. So there you go. One more thing just so you understand. As already mentioned SMH also stands for SO MUCH HATE and STUPID MINDED HUMANS. But which one do you think would be more appropriate?

Which one would sound soft, especially if you are posting a comment on a Facebook post? Just imagine for a moment. Yup, you got it. It's like the meter of hate grows up with 'SO MUCH HATE' and further up with 'STUPID MINDED HUMANS'. So it's up to you, what you prefer?

By the way, SHM also means Sunday Morning Herald but when somebody texts you SHM, it doesn’t mean Sunday Morning Herald unless you are related to the newspaper. But guys, it is not an internet slang.

Now you are all prepped up. Best of Luck. For more update, stay tuned.