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What does comic book artist Tony Moore look for in a girlfriend???

March 15, 2016
First published on:March 15, 2016
by HitBerry

Guys! What do you look for in your girlfriend?

Well! Obviously you might expect her to be hot, independent, generous and such. But with our artist Tony Moore, it is quite a different story.

Tony simply wants his girlfriend to be honest about herself, about what kind of person she is. Actually, he is against people who wear a heavy facade to be compatible to each other. He has to say that compatibility is not something you create and relationship doesn’t grow under compromise. “If someone doesn’t seem to be comfortable then that’s it”, he says.

In a casual conversation with the reporters in the comic promo of latest issue of ‘The Walking Dead’, he said that he would love to be someone who is passionate about him and who appreciates him for himself. He further adds, “I would love if she is into Zombies like myself” and cracked into a gentle laugh. We know for sure that he was just kidding. Or was he??

With these details we must say simply looks might not be his major priority. He likes a girl who is genuine. As far as we can track, he is officially single right now but who knows what is going on away from the public eyes.

His close friends had stated that he is not used to dating. Even ever back when he was in High school. He was equally reserved back then and spent most of his time studying and sketching.

Tony Moore is an American comic book artist. His work consists mainly of genre pieces. He is notably famous in the field of horror and science fiction. Some of his popular works includes ‘Fear Agent’, ‘The Exterminators’, and the first and six issues of ‘The Walking Dead’.

The artist has been nominated for various awards in his lifetime. He was nominated for the Eisner Award. The nominations were for ‘Best new series’ 2004 and ‘Best cover artist’ 2005. Both of the awards were designated to the comic ‘The Walking Dead’. However, he could not win any of them. Well! It surely is true that real talent need not to be acknowledged by rewards. The life of celebrity is not always a walk in the park. One may not get what they deserve, despite of their contribution. They have to go through many hurdles to get where they are today.

On February 9, 2012, Moore filed a lawsuit alleging that his co-writer, Robert Kirkman deceitfully engineered him into surrendering his rights to ‘The Walking Dead’ comic book and eventual TV series in exchange for the payments that never got materialized.

The dispute was settled later in September on good terms. The two released a joint statement stating that they had reached a settlement ‘to everyone’s mutual satisfaction’.

The net worth of the artist is reported to be $2 million.

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