What does child actor and rapping sensation Davis Cleveland, aged 13, looks for in a girlfriend??

August 13, 2015
First published on:August 13, 2015
by HitBerry

Before jump into anything, just a reminder- Cleveland is still only 13 years old. Yes, he’s younger than all our office’s employees and it certainly hurts that a boy, 13 year of age, has a better chance of getting a girlfriend than us. Yeah, and not to forget how rich Davis Cleveland is- he may have actually earned more than what a regular twenty year old would in a year. Lucky lucky lucky boy! Sad we weren’t blessed with a great voice!!!!!! But as they say, anything can happen - a boy who was born in the 2000’s is apparently a hot shot and is likely to have a girlfriend. So, what does he really look for in a girl???

Well, there were rumors that he was dating Zendaya. Yes, it is not only absurd but just unethical to gossip about this. I mean, the girl is almost nineteen years old, too old to be dating a thirteen year old. The girl is all “adolescent teen’ age and the boy is well- cute! Just turned thirteen! Even their height doesn't match. At all!! It’s disturbing to even think that we’re blabbing about this stuff right here……okay end of this discussion….However, they share some snaps together in Instagram.

But hey, everybody deserves to have a choice, and according to the Shake It Up actor, he’d love a girl who is sweet, kind and understanding. To remind you all again, given the boy is very young, it’s not nice to criticize or comment about his choices. But having said that, it's a pretty mature answer for a boy his age. We just hope he gets the girl of his choice. But if he happens to read this post, another reminder - don’t go rushing into these stuffs. You’re very young.

Born on February 5, 2002 (feels so surreal!!!) in Houston, Texas, the famous actor and promising rapper currently lives in Los Angeles, California. His hobbies include studying martial arts, playing guitar, playing video games, skateboarding and rollerblading (cool!). Not to forget, rapping!

Asked about his role in the show, the boy said,

 "It's the best experience ever. It's like Disney World every morning.” True I suppose. Having fame so early is always nice( I think!!).

Nonetheless, he is also deeply involved in charity work. A thing not many young boys would think about, let alone afford. He is working with a charity that tackles with Cystic Fibrosis- organizing charities and walks. His parents must be very happy to have such a child. Apart from his famous Shake It Up appearance, he has also featured in other series like How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, Good Luck Charlie and Ghost Whisperer. Not only this, he also appeared as Luther's little brother in Zeke and Luther. He was also featured in the first episode of season four of the Miley Cyrus starrer Hannah Montana. Yup, hope he doesn’t have an alternate personality like Miley in real life.

We can’t wait to see what this young rising star grows up to be!!

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