What does budding actor James Jagger, age 30, look for in a girlfriend??

February 16, 2016
First Published On: February 16, 2016
by HitBerry

James Jagger, son of the notorious singing legend Sir Mick Jagger, has finally come out to the press in his recent interviews saying he is single and  ready to be in a relationship again. Though already having been in a relationship with stunning hot ladies such as Alexandra Richards and Anoushka Sharma, he still admits he has not found the right lady for him and has expressed what he likes in a woman. 

James has said that he likes women who are very understanding and would talk to him all day and night sharing feelings and ideas. His previous relationship with Alexandra Richards ended because there wasn't enough communication between the two. 

He also said that he would love to date someone even if she is quite older than him as age factor is not a problem for him. He said that he had crushes on older celebrities include Angelina Jolie, Monica Bellucci and Jennifer Aniston. He also admitted that he would still  love to take them out on a date if he could.

His father, Mick Jagger, however, has said that his son is quite young and shouldn’t be stressing himself out on girls. James replied, saying he is ready to settle down and he is looking not looking for just another hook up.

James was born on 28th August 1985 at New York City, United States. He is fifth of the seven children in his family. He is  6 foot and 1 inch. His father, Mick Jagger, is one of the most decorated and great singer of the early decade.

James is very talented like his father as he has played in a lot of movies such as Sex & Drugs & Rock Roll, Mr. Nice and Stealing Summers. He was also in music department for the movie Sex & Drugs & Rock Roll.

James has dated quite a few women including Alexandra Richards, Alice Dellal, Natasha Gilbert and Anoushka Sharma. His recent relationship was with Sharma.They broke up because Anoushka's family wasn’t ready to accept James as their son in law and he was from a different cast.
He is not married but would be down for it if and when he finds the right girl. 

Jagger currently plays Kip Stevens in the HBO period drama, vinyl. The show was created by James's father Mick Jagger, legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese and notable writers, Rich Cohen and Terence Winter.