WHAM! singer Andrew Ridgeley separated and reunited with girlfriend Keren Woodward of 25 years, Woodward is often mistaken for his wife even though they never married

July 26, 2015
First Published On: July 26, 2015
by HitBerry

All was not well between Wham! star Andrew Ridgeley and his Banamarama partner, Keren Woodward.

The long time couple’s relationship nearly broke recently but they managed to get everything back to the normal at the eleventh hour.

Ridgeley, who is usually reserved about his personal life, recently admitted that their 25 year old love life was on a verge of collapse. He said that how things went sour between him and his Banamarama girlfriend ,who is often mistaken as his wife, Keren Woodward, almost collapsed but they managed to handle the situation with ease and now this adoring couple is back with each other.  

The people who grew up in the 80s as kids know about Ridgeley and Woodward very well. They are, in fact, one of pop music’s most enduring couple. So, who could have imagined that their long lasting relationship would undergo such troubles that would end their strong bond?

The Careless Whisper hit maker was once one of the most celebrated singer-songwriter and guitarist  in business and dominated the music industry with his band-mate George Michael. They were the member of music duo- Wham! In the mid-1980s the pop duo rocked the whole world with their music and topped the charts in the UK and the USA.

His wife, Woodward, is a member of a girl group named Banamarama, a female pop music vocal group formed in London in 1979. While in the band, she reached the height of success as the girl group had their success on both pop and dance charts. It earned the group a listing in The Guinness Book of World Records as the all-female group with the most chart entries in the world, a record which they still hold.

Talking about their relationship break down with the Sunday Mirror's Katie Hind, Ridgeley said that his 25-year union to the brunette beauty broke down, but was saved at the last minute by their mutual perseverance.

Andrew aged 52 admitted to the newspaper: 'We split up but we are through those difficulties now and it is all ancient history.

'It’s safe to say that things are good and we are very happy now. I don’t really like to talk about my private life much but we have worked through everything."

'It’s great now, it was hard for a while but all is well. It’s all in the past now, it’s old news.'

The Last Christmas singer and guitarist Ridgeley seems very much delighted to have his lover back in his life. If the relation had broken beyond repair then it would have been painful for the lover duo, but it would also have been very difficult for their fans all over the world.

The couple started dating in 1990 after meeting in late 1980s. After splitting from Wham! in 1994 Ridgeley tried his hand in solo career but finally quit after an unsuccessful career.

Ridgeley distanced himself from the London scene and moved into a 15th century Cornish farm house where they still live with their son Tom.

For your information, these two are not married yet. Many of us get confused about their marital status but they have not married each other.

We hope to see Ridgeley, who gave us numerous hit songs in 1980s, enjoying his reclusive and private life with his hard earned money. He is estimated to have a net worth of $25 million. 

Ridgeley maintains very low profile, which is the reason why he does not have accounts in Twitter and Instagram. Woodward, on the other hand, is still touring around the world with her band.