WFAA Anchor Demetria Obilor faces Body-Shaming Comments

If you don't know about Demetria Obilor, then she is a traffic anchor, journalist, and entertainer from Kansas City. While studying at the University of Kansas, Obilor started working at the NBC affiliate. Later, after her graduation, she got promoted and became the traffic reporter on the morning news.

Besides this, all thanks to a body-shaming post on Facebook that went viral and made her more famous. It has helped her to gain a huge fan attention at the beginning of her starting career. Check out:

WFAA Anchor Demetria Obilor faces Body-Shaming Comments

On Wednesday, Jan Shedd made a body-shaming comment on her Instagram which went viral. The viewer talked about how Obilor dresses her non-size 6 frames. But all thanks to Jan Shedd which helped her to stay in the spotlight.

But there were thousands of tweets coming to the anchor's defense where they were filled with positivity and self-appreciation.

In another side, Obilor posted a video on her official Twitter account where she shared her positive vibes with her fans. She also explains that she appreciates the people showing love.

Well if you see, Obilor does not look like other TV anchors. She has got her naturally curly hair and rocked her curves. Importantly, she seems quite confident and comfortable in being her authentic self.

Though all those body-shaming comments are disheartening, cruel, and unhelpful, Demetria Obilor looks quite comfortable being herself.