Weather girl Laura Tobin won't be getting pregnant anytime soon because children scare her!!

September 17, 2015
First published on:September 17, 2015
by HitBerry

It’s every woman’s dream to become a mother, or so you’d think. But that is not the case with Laura Tobin’s. The Good Morning Britain presenter does not want to be a mother because she says that she is scared of babies. What???

The ITV weather girl recently revealed that she and her husband Dean Brown have no intention of planning a family anytime soon because babies scare her.

Tobin, who got married to her University sweet heart, Dean Brown on 13 August 2010, said that the idea of getting pregnant petrified her. Five years have passed since their wedding, but the beautiful weather reporter, who is often mistaken as Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has hardly made any plans to start a family.

The English broadcast meteorologist confessed: “We may not have children. I find babies really scary.

“I just don’t know what they want. My scientific mind says 'this is a problem and I can fix it by doing this…', but when a baby is crying I don’t know why.

“Maybe my biological clock is ticking but I don’t feel the pressure.

“Even talking about it makes me anxious.”

Maybe the reason why she does not want to be a mother is her never fading beauty and charm. The former Daybreak host is often dubbed as one of the most beautiful TV personality of all time, all thanks to her charming personality, proper fashion sense and natural beauty. Maybe she is worried that conceiving a child might make her wrinkly and old??

Tobin revealed how she usually got attention from male fans and how they sent her mails and even marriage proposal.

Tobin, aged 33, said: “Some men said they want to marry me. Luckily, over a three-month period, mail from one gentleman got lost.

"It started off with him wanting a photo, then wanting to meet me, then arranging a place to meet.

"Then I got a really angry letter saying I hadn’t met him at the place he said we’d meet and he thought we were going to get married.

“I guess you have to be aware that anything you say can be construed in any particular way for somebody to think it’s an advance when it’s not.”

Her husband must be mighty jealous after seeing all those men lining up for his beautiful wife. But he shouldn’t be because, despite all her die-hard admirers, the lady chose him as her partner.

Tobin added how guys used to fall in love with her and how they used to shower her with flowers, gifts and letters. But she never paid any attention to them.

Laura said: “Guys would fall in love with me and I didn’t like that.

"The gushy letters, the flowers and the “I love you so’re my world” was all a bit too much and I felt intimidated.”

The weather girl also talked about her then boyfriend and now husband Brown and how they fell in love.

She admitted: “The thing about Dean was he didn’t become too intense, send me loads of flowers, and he didn’t love me more than anything on Earth.

"Our relationship just grew and after about six months we fell in love with each other.

“When my friends pointed out we’d been dating for two months and I hadn’t dumped him, I was like “Oh yeah!” It wasn’t scary and I knew it was meant to be. 14 years later we’re still going.”

Despite being deeply in love with her husband, Tobin, who has been part of several TV shows is not ready to move on to the next stage of their life. She still hasn’t made up her mind to have a baby.

The ITV host who is famous for her choice of dresses might want to take her time to think about being a mother in future.

Tobin is quite active on Twitter.

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