Weather girl Becky Mantin talks about weddings, babies and life as a working mother

HitBerryPublished on   21 Jul, 2015Updated on   07 May, 2021

Becky Mantin is a favourite on the weather forecasts and also a mum to two boys, with a third child on the way. However, motherhood is never easy even when you’re blessed with babies.

And Becky Mantin has spoken about it - from her life during the birth of her first child, to her marriage, to her new upcoming project and how she is overcoming her accident back in 2007.

Mantin married former yachtsman turned professional rugby coach Jack Heald in Walberswick on 12 December 2009 and has two children: namely Rory, age four, and Tom, three.

Her third baby is expected to be born in October. A new mom with Rory, she recalls having a hard time managing work and raising the boy. After all, she did take only 4 and a half months break from work.

Also, she was tensed after realizing that her son had eczema- a condition where extreme irritation occurs in skin. As a result, she recalls Rory scratching his skin so hard until blood came out from his legs and were all over his hair, dress, toys and bed. Nonetheless, with proper medication, Rory is overcoming this illness.

Before her wedding with Heald, Mantin says she was very spirited. A keen surfer, whilst dating BBC Sport commentator Dan O'Hagan, she had gone for a ride of surfing.

Sadly, Mantin was struck in the head while she was standing at shoulder height on the surfboard. After blood came from the back of her head, she was immediately pulled out of the water and rushed to hospital.

She had suffered from concussion and memory loss. A week later, while at her parents' home in Norwich, she collapsed and was rushed to hospital for a brain scan before checking herself out more than three weeks later. She says that the incident still affects her- as she is uncomfortable in the presence of loud noise and flashy colours.

Mantin started her media career writing for the Eastern Daily Press and appeared on the commercial radio station Broadland 102. She then moved to ITV Anglia, initially as a fashion presenter for lunchtime magazine show Home Malone before undertaking meteorological training to become ITV Anglia's main weather presenter.

She then started to appear on the national ITV Weather, Channel 5, Sky and This Morning on ITV as a reporter. She ceased her duties with ITV Anglia from 25 February 2005 and joined ITV Weather on a permanent basis.

Mantin became a freelancer with ITV in 2015 and now, in addition, runs her own business.  Nonetheless, she has been a popular figure in this field with decent number of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Her new business, Nappy Grab Bags, was apparently inspired by her children. She recalls,

“When my youngest son Tom was a few days old, my husband took our older boy Rory (then 19 months) to a soft play centre. He reluctantly took the change bag I pressed on him but when he returned he reported that the wipes had been left out – and it was an occasion he really, really needed them! It just struck me in that moment – there must be an easier way to do this! Why has no-one invented a pocket-sized kit that contains all you need for a single nappy change? It seemed a no-brainer! I mulled it over for about it for six months and then took the plunge…!”

Well, the plunge definitely was successful. The project has gone on to get rave reviews. The packs are biodegradable, and contains all the materials you need to change a diaper in a small pack. Sounds very useful and very useful it is!! We’re not trying to advertise here, it’s just that Nappy Grab Bags are really handy.