Wayne Carini is Prosperous. Know his Net worth and Career in Chasing Classic Cars

February 11, 2018
First published on:July 29, 2016
by HitBerry

There are fewer people on earth who don’t love cars. Everyone dreams of having a sporty or a luxurious car one day. Just like us, Wayne Carini got interested in cars back when he was 9.


He took his first ride in a Ferrari that was a 1960 Rosso Chiaro 250 SWB. Speaking of the current matter, he owns three major car companies in Portland named ‘Continental Auto Ltd’, ‘Carozzeria’ and ‘Connecticit: F40 Motorsports’. With these companies and the show called ‘Chasing Classic Cars’ backing him up, Wayne is now a millionaire and undoubtedly living a prosperous life.

Wayne Carini’s Net Worth and Career

As of 2016, Wayne Carini’s Net worth is estimated around $20 million. With that figure, he outruns most of the millionaires in the United States of America. Times before he earned this figure, he worked at his father’s shop sweeping floors for $5 a week while he studied in a grade school.

Later, he thought of working as a teacher at a college; but actually ended up following the path of his father in 1973. He worked on models like Fords, Packards, Lincolns, and Duisenberg with his father. 

Sometime after, he finally knew what he was gonna do with his life. Soon, he started selling exotic cars and also restoring them. In no time, he came up with businesses like ‘Continental Auto Ltd’ that concerned with a sale, body repairs and paints on rare and exotic car collection.

Well, that is not all. He has also featured on a TV show called ‘Chasing Classics Cars’ and has produced a documentary that got released with the same name as the TV show. That is ‘Chasing Classis Cars’!! So, now, you must know why his net worth made contact with the sky.

Wayne‘s mentor ‘Francois Sicard’ helped him become who he is today. Ever since Wayne was a child, Francois helped with almost everything related to cars.

The show ‘Chasing Classis Cars’ is about wandering in search of rare exotic cars and uncovering them. Until now, the show has been made up to season 8. And this has been one of the things generating his net worth more and more. 

Wayne Carini’s Background

Wayne Carini is married to Laurie and they have two daughters together named ‘Lindsay’ who is about to get married; and ‘Kimberly’ who was diagnosed with autism as a child.

Thus, because of Kimberly, he helps sponsor and organize events for the benefits of grown-ups and kids with the condition. He states that there is nothing important to him than his daughters. 

Wayne Carini with his daughter.

Wayne Carini with his daughter.

Carini studied at Central Connecticut State University in Net Britain. Wayne resides in the log cabin that he built in 1973 and he believes that he doesn’t need big houses to live in. (his log cabin)


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