Washington Governor Jay Inslee married his high school sweetheart, Trudi Inslee, Inslee couple have three sons together

HitBerryPublished on   01 Jul, 2015Updated on   19 May, 2021

Jay Inslee, the American attorney, politician and member of the Democratic Party has been serving as the 23rd Governor of Washington since January 2013. There is something that makes the Governor different from his contemporaries. Some two years ago, the Washington Governor made headlines in the American media.

“Governor Inslee won’t get pay raise this year — or next.”

With the news popping everywhere, it created a buzz all around the country. People were questioning “The Washington Citizens’ Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials”. All the nine other members of the Washington State Supreme Court got the salary raise except the governor. “But why the biasness?” was question being raised all over the nation.

Former governor Inslee hadn’t had the salary increment since 2008, so in 2013, when all the chief justices were about to get $3,284 extra amount added to their paycheck from the next year, the Commission showed the excuse of the recently hit economic upheaval that made its way in 2008. So what was Inslee’s reaction towards the decision made by the Commission? The answer is he then raised the pay for half of state cabinet members. Inslee who himself makes $166,891 does not seem to have a pay hike, so this may be the reason?

More recently, Inslee has again found himself in headlines due to his new tentative budget deal. The latest budget deal is supposed to ease the tuition burden of the college students and raise teachers’ pay. Looks like, Mr. Governor is very much obsessed with pay hike. Inslee’s this act will surely help the students of every class to attend college with an affordable tuition fees and will provide the first cost-of living raises for the teachers.

Indeed, Inslee seems to be a great politician with a reformative thoughts.

The Washington Governor, who is active on Twitter posted a tweet, supporting the new step taken for the aforementioned budget deal.

“This budget makes a bold statement about what we value in Washington #waleg.”

The tweet was followed by a picture that like,

“Historical investment in early learning.

 Teacher training and mentoring program.

 More affordable tuition fee with increase in scholarships.”

His simple middle class upbringing and devotion towards his education might be the reason why he is so much dedicated to help the students attend the colleges in a very low cost.

The 64 year old Inslee married high school sweetheart, Trudi Inslee and the Inslee couple were married on August1972 and their marital bond is ‘vividly’ much strong. The couple who have three sons together, Jack, Connor and Joe currently on Bainbridge Island.

The Governor, who is also an avid basketball player, has made available his address details in the website, nga.org where one can find his P.O Box number, phone number, fax number including his email address for the convenience of his people and supporters.

Well, doubtlessly, it is indeed a good effort and way to render the support to the people!!