Walking Dead character Beth Greene's real life actor Emily Kinney does not watch the show

December 8, 2015
First Published On: December 8, 2015
by HitBerry

Remember when Marshall from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ said that the only people who don’t watch Star Wars were those who had acted in the movies because they have lived it?  It seems like Emily Kinney, who played the role of sweet and kind hearted Beth Greene in famous TV series ‘The Walking Dead’, shares the similar view regarding the series.

 “I stopped watching, I didn’t see my death, because I had my own experience, and I didn’t want to change what my experience of it was because it was so special to me” the actress said in her interviews. Her death in the series resulted in the actress not watching the zombie apocalypse series. This clearly proves that she was totally in love with her onscreen persona in TWD.

“For me it was very moving, it was satisfying in a certain way. I was sad that everyone felt so sad but I also felt sort of satisfied, like the people in the end ended up feeling really connected to that, and they were going to miss her,” Emily answered when asked how she felt about her character’s death

Emily’s character in TWD was widely admired. She is portrayed as the source of hope and optimism.  Soft speaking, devout Christian teenager Beth had won hearts of millions of TWD’s fans. Her performance as Beth even won her a nomination for ‘Saturn Awards’ for the best supporting role by an actress.

Her character died an untimely death in season 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’.  Her character on the TV series was very popular because of her realistic acting. After she was shot in the head and killed in the show, the fans of the series signed a petition to bring her back to the show.  Even though the petition was not successful, it clearly shows how much the fans loved her character as Beth Greene.

“If you’ve given 3 to 4 years of your life to a show, it’s nice to feel like oh, I’m leaving, and people feel connected to this thing you made, or helped make. So I just feel really thankful” was her response to her fans’ attempt to bring her back into the show through petition.

The actress, after her character’s death in TWD, landed a role in popular superhero TV series ‘The Flash.’ Emily Kinney, who is 30 years of age now, made her film debut at the age of 20 through the 2007 movie ‘Aunt Tigress.’

The actress credits her role in The Walking Death for her popularity among the younger audience of the show. She has also expressed hope that her admirers from her TWD days keep up with her role in The Flash.