Walking dead actor Seth Gilliam, age 47, thinks education is a must in a girlfriend

December 8, 2015
First published on:December 8, 2015
by HitBerry

It is widely believed that stunning looks, flawless hair and pretty face is all that one needs to make it in Hollywood. These are also the things that are considered essential to catch the attention of Hollywood celebs. But if you think you are good to go because you have all these qualities and that’s all one needs, we have a bad news for you!!

Seth Gilliam, who plays the role of Gabriel Stokes in a popular TV series ‘The Walking Dead’, will not even be fazed if you only have pretty face.  The actor has reportedly said that for someone to catch his attention, the person must be extremely intelligent. Good looks are something a person is born with while education has to be acquired, he believes.

Gilliam has also clarified in several of his interviews that educated doesn’t mean someone with a university degree .He has stated that by educated he meant someone who is smart, helpful and aware of the problems that the world we live in faces today.

Gilliam is already 47 years from age. He is already married to  Leah C. Gardine. In several of his interviews, he has praised his wife’s intelligence. He has also reportedly urged his fans to marry someone only after considering their partner’s intelligence. He has also said that it would be very hard to spend life with someone who is properly educated.

The actor is impressed more by something a person earns through hard work than something one is born with. He likes making friends with smart people.

He is actively involved in charities that help donate books to less fortunate children.

Gilliam himself is known as a person of deep intellectual capability .He graduated from State University of New York in the year 1990. His friends considered him more than a book smart. He is extremely understanding and knowledgeable. He has also stated in his former interviews that he finds time in between his film shooting to read a book.

The actor also uses his Instagram and Twitter accounts to encourage his fans to read more. His Instagram, @seth_gilliam, has several quotes that are very moving. The writer believes that these photos could motivate his fans and help them learn even more.

Gilliam has been active as an actor since early 1990s. But, he rose into fame through his role in 1997 hit ‘Starship Troopers.’ However, it was his role as Ellis Carvis on the popular TV series The Wire that transformed him into a global superstar that he is today. He has also played major roles in several other TV series and movies.


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