Vlogger Sam Pottorff married Rosa Van Iterson after 8 months of relationship

HitBerryPublished on   17 Mar, 2017Updated on   21 Feb, 2018

Sam Pottorff is a very young and charming video blogger from California, America. The 21-year-old web star is very popular on Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube. He was a member of our2ndlife, a popular web star group alongside Kian Lawley, Ricky Dillion, and Trevor Moran which he left in December 2014.


Sam Pottorff is also known for his romantic love relationship with a popular Dutch actress Rosa Van Iterson. Sam has recently got engaged to 25-year Dutch actress in September 2016. 6 months after they got engaged, they recently got married in a private ceremony.

Sam Pottorff Engaged to Rosa Van Iterson after Dating for Few Months

Before we move straightly to his love life, we think it is better to know something about him. Sam grew up in San Clemente while he came to know that he was a diabetic patient at 5. Before he started his career as a blogger he learned photography, making music videos, and surfing.

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At the recent time, the YouTube met couples are breaking up like there is no tomorrow for them. However, we have got a couple who seem quite dedicated towards their relation. Sam, who previously dated Acacia is now in a good term relation with his girlfriend Rosa.

Sam Pottorff and actress Rosa Van Iterson

Sam Pottorff and actress Rosa Van Iterson    Source: YouTube

The couple revealed that they were engaged for about a months in September 2016. The YouTube star told that he popped the question quite some time ago and the actress answered yes to his proposal. He also revealed that Rosa was wearing an engagement ring ever since he proposed her.

After Sam got engaged he shared the news with his fans and followers via his own YouTube channel Pottorff with a title 'I GOT ENGAGED!!!' Sam has over 600 thousands subscribers on YouTube which he thought was the better way to share his feelings or happiness.

When the media and people knew that Sam and Rosa were engaged, people talked if they were too young to get married. Actually, Sam is just 20 and Rosa is 24 so they have a lot of time to get bonded but they thought it was the right time for them.

The couple later said they have seen a plenty of couples who married young and are very much satisfied with their relationship quo. They also said they could find no other person better than them as their life partner.

Are They Married or Yet Waiting for a Good Time?

It is almost 7 months or more the couple has been engaged and you might get surprised to hear that the couple has got married recently. Yes! What you read is right, the couple got married in this March in a private ceremony and they kept it out of the media radar.

As the couple concealed their engagement, they did the same while they tied a knot. The couple got married in an intimate ceremony in Amsterdam on March 4, 2017. A gorgeous Dutch actress Rosa informed that they got married to her Instagram.

Source: Instagram

None of the popular sites posted the pictures or videos of their wedding as the couple themselves wanted to do so by their own time. After two weeks of their marriage, the couple has just shared their pictures from their wedding day.

Sam also tweeted about his marriage after a day of his marriage. The couple is now just married for few days and they probably preparing for their honeymoon and for their better future as well. They both are pretty young by their age so they could take their time to become parents.


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