Villainous Character Hank Henshaw from the TV Show Super Girl reveals an awesome secret

December 8, 2015
First published on:December 8, 2015
by HitBerry

CBS TV series Supergirl, which is based on the DC comics, is rapidly gaining popularity.  The show has several hidden traits in characters that are not yet revealed to the audiences.  The show also has been keeping who Hank Henshaw really is a secret from its viewers. But, in episode 7 titled “Human for a Day”, an awesome secret has been revealed. It is expected that this revelation is going to direct the series to whole new direction.

The episode, in which Hank Henshaw reveals his secret, starts a little bit differently than normal episodes of the series.  We are not going to spoil the episodes for those who have yet to see it. But after the extreme turn of events, the aftershocks that unsettles ‘Kara’, leads to a confrontation between Hank Henshaw and Alex.

The story line developed up until now had resulted in Supergirl ‘Kara’ losing her power.  After Kara was left powerless, ‘Alex’ took a centre role in the series. In the latest episode, Hank Henshaw, who is one of the major evil characters of the series, reveals his true identity and the cause of the death of Alex’s father.

In the episode, we learn that Henshaw is actually an alien shape shifter who was merely taking on Henshaw’s form. The real Henshaw has already been dead. It is also revealed that Alex’s father and the real Henshaw were sent on a mission to kill a harmless alien, J’onn. Danvers however could not kill an innocent alien with his conscience. Instead, he took his own life for the sake’s of alien’s survival for the greater good.

The storyline of the show open to different possibilities after Henshaw revealed who he really is. Kara is left powerless and hurt as a result of the Alien escapee. Alex is finally aware of cause behind the death of her father. This all but guarantees that the coming episodes will be even more action packed and interesting.

‘Supergirl’ is one of the most popular TV series at the moment.  With only 7 episodes of first season broadcasted, the show is expected to gain even more popularity. With the plot line revolving around the DC classic Supergirl and the use of amazing CGIs, the show certainly has kept viewers of all ages entertained

The show has several interesting characters.  Supergirl, who is the main character of the show, is the biological cousin of Superman and one of the last remaining ‘Kryptonians’. It also features drama regarding Martin Manhunter, who is also known as John Jones. John Jones is one of the original members of ‘Justice League of America.’

The cast features the likes of David Harewood and Melisa Benoit who are extremely talented. The series is produced by Greg Berlanti.