Vikings Star Katheryn Winnick aka Lagertha Knows How to Flaunt in Bikini and Bare Body - Facts and Photos

Canada born actress Katheryn Winnick plays the role of Lagertha in the award winning Irish-Canadian historical TV series Vikings. The series has gained so much popularity; it is quite often compared to the mega-fantasy TV series Game of Thrones. 38-year-old Katheryn is portrayed as a rather strong, independent woman who always fights along with men. Bet you haven’t seen the sexier and arousing side of this beautiful blonde beauty.

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Although born in Ontario, Katheryn is of Ukranian Descent. She speaks Ukrainian fluently; what is surprising is the fact that she learned English only after she was 8 years old. Half of her childhood, she survived Canada without speaking English! In total, she speaks 5 languages - Ukranian, English, Russian, Italian and French.

For those you who don't know Katheryn very well, she is proficient in martial arts and also holds a third degree black belt in Taekwondo; second degree black belt in Karate. A useful advice: Better stay away from a fight with Katheyn - she will knock anyone down who comes in her way. She had successfully established and was the owner of three martial arts school by the age of 21, among which she opened the first one at the age of 16. What is more amusing is that she started her martial arts training at the age of 7! This is what is called true passion and loyalty.

In 2015, the Bones actress was recognized as the brand ambassador for Raymond Weil, a Swiss luxury brand of watches and at present she represents the face of Raymond Weil's 2016 elegant and feminine collection of Shine. Katheryn happily endorses the products because it represents the strong will power and beauty of women to the world.

Katheryn has been active in the entertainment industry since 1999. She has played notable roles in movies such as Killers, Love and Other Drugs and The Art of Steal. Apart from movies, one could notice her in numerous TV series such as Person of Interest, House and Law and Order. Vikings further enriched her with her potential to a wider audience.

According to, apart from Kathryn being an exceptional talent in Karate and Taekwondo, she is also a licensed bodyguard. She mentions that a woman should be independent and definitely should protect themselves.

Bold and beautiful Winnick was rumored to have been in a relationship with Nick Loeb, former fiancé of Modern Family star Sofia Vergara. Apparently, according to US weekly, Nick Loeb was seeing Katheryn around 8 months after his split with the 44-year-old Columbian actress. Businessman Nick, 41, was often spotted together with Katheryn in 2015 - they even attened the Golden Globes award together. However, Katheryn's rep denies of them being together.

Her role as Lagertha seems to be much of a competitive and autonomous woman, but in real life, she is quite shy and protective when it comes to her friends and inner circle. According to Inc, she expresses that she is a conservative person when it comes to sharing. "I am pretty selective minded and I believe what matters is the work you do - not the selfies and pictures you post on social media." she adds.

Unfortunately, the martial schools that she had established are not operating as of now, but she loves teaches self -defense and looks forward to teaching women on how to be independent and fight back at time of sudden crisis.

Being trained at a national level and also being able to maintain the position of 2nd rank all over Canada in martial arts, in the past, Katheryn was all set to train for Olympics at Montreal. But at the same time, she was pursuing her degree and also had a passion to help other people and train them - she didn’t opt for the Olympics. But she mentions to Vanity Fair that she never regretted her decision later.

According to various interviews, it can be confirmed that she is a feminist and greatly supports and encourages women. During her nude photoshoot with Allure, she mentioned that she had been to strip clubs and she appreciated women's body.