Veronica Hamel and husband Michael Irving Unsuccessful Married Life! Who is she Dating?

Eva RossPublished on   19 Feb, 2018Updated on   19 Feb, 2018

In comparison to the lifestyle and generation of today’s actors and the actors of the golden age of Hollywood, then the Golden age actors are far away from the margin. But the rate of divorce is same just like before.


Veronica Hamel is an actress from the Golden age who left an impressive impact in the world of acting. All her fans and followers are still unaware of her relationship history, and you might be wondering to know all the details regarding her. So, Keep Scrolling!

Veronica Hamel Relationship after Divorce

Veronica Hamel; an American actress and model came to highlight when she featured in a popular running TV series Hill Street Blues aired from 1981 to 1987.

She was nominated five times for Primetime Emmy Awards and grabbed Q Award for her role of Joyce Davenport in the series. She was one of the highest ranked actresses from the 70s to the late 90s.

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Back to the topic; the actress has not been linked with anyone after she separated from her ex-husband, Michael Irving.

Previously, there was a rumor that Hamel dated her co-star Daniel J. Travanti. But both of them never confirmed it, and they even didn’t deny the rumors regarding their relationship. And this has made a huge buzz and peoplea are still confused whether the duo dated or not.

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Veronica Hamel Divorced her husband, Michael Irving

Veronica and Michael Irving tied the knot in 1971. They were happy together for ten years but things did not turn out as expected. Before the marriage; the couple dated for several years.

Later in 1981, the duo separated. None of them explained the reason behind their divorce, but it looks like their busy career created confusion thus the couple separated. Despite being together for ten years, the couple does not have any child together.

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However, after being separated from her former husband, Michael Irving, the proficient actress never got married. Neither she was found dating anyone.

It looks like Hamel is busy with her professional career and might be keeping her personal life away from the media. As per information; she is single and is living a happy life.

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Although most of her fans follow her regularly, she has managed to keep her details secret. As of now, the actress is focused on building her professional career strong instead of building her love life.