Vasek Pospisil enters the Quarterfinals of Wimbledon 2015, faces Andy Murray in the last eight

July 7, 2015
First Published On: July 7, 2015
by HitBerry

Vasek Pospisil has entered the quarterfinals of Wimbledon 2015. However, if he is to go further, he has to overturn a big boulder in his way. Pospisil’s next opponent is tennis World number 3 Andy Murray who has recently beat the giant, 6ft 10in  tall, Ivo Karlovic, the tallest player on the men's tour in a tiresome match of three hours and three minutes. Every tennis fan is looking forward to this war between these ambitious players and we are eager to watch which side the coin will flip. Although Murray is higher in world tennis ranking, he has been struggling to get through his opponents, whereas Pospisil is slipping through the matches quite smoothly.

Pospisil, who is ranked second only to Milos Raonic in Canada, was born on June 23, 1990 in Vernon, British Columbia,Canada. He owes his success to his father, who is a tennis coach and a obsessive tennis fan who guided him on this path. His dad, Milos, wanted one of his three sons to become a professional tennis player and fulfill his dreams. Pospisil’s brothers Tom and Petr went on to become computer programmer and science teacher and Pospisil took up professional tennis to make his father proud. When asked, ‘What would you have become if not a tennis star?’ he replies, he would have become a ‘soccer player’. This clearly shows his affinity and love to sports.

Unlike many other tennis stars, Pospisil has very modest roots. His parents drove in a car with his two older brothers Tom and Petr, then aged six and four, through the border from former Yugoslavia to Austria. They only had the belongings they could fit in the boot with them and no idea when or if they would see their extended family again. They were immigrants from the Czech Republic who fled to Canada to escape the Communist regime in 1988, two years before Vasek was born.

Pospisil picked his racquet from a very young age of five and he has not put it down as his wants to be a consistent World Top 30 Players. Trained in Prostejov, Czech Republic, from 15 to 18 and then working hard  and practicing for his glorious career, this male has already amazed the whole world with his exceptional double handed backhand. He is a member of Tennis Canada's National Training Centre, in Montreal, since September 2010.

By his large number of followers in Twitter and Instagram, we can guess that this rising tennis star is very popular across the whole world. Pospisil is also popular because of rumors about his relationships with many supermodels, however, he has not confirmed any of these rumors about any potential girlfriends.