Vanna White is strong women to face divorce with George Santo Pietro and a gay son Nicholas

Through 59 long years of her life, American TV personality and actress Vanna White has faced a number of tragedies and events of misfortune but being the strong woman that she is, Vanna White has always found ways to deal with her problems and emerge as an even stronger woman.

The very recent turmoil in Vanna White’s life has been her failed relationships but nevertheless, Vanna White has managed to find happiness with her new boyfriend John Donaldson.

And this is not all, recently it was all over the internet that Vanna’s son Nikko is gay. It’s the 21st century and turns out, sexual orientation is still a big thing especially when it comes to some celebrity’s children.

However, Nikko is still unsure of his own sexual orientation and he made it very clear when he talked about it to The ENQUIRER.

“This is a good example for anyone who is young and trying to explore different avenues in life. Our relationship is not sexual in the full sense, but we are very close.

As far as my sexual preference, I’m undecided. I have had one girlfriend and never had a real boyfriend. We are just happy to be together, loving each other in whatever way possible, Gay? It’s possible.”

Nikko Santo Pietro is Vanna White and former husband George Santo Pietro’s son. They also have a daughter together named as Gigi Santo Pietro.

[ CAPTION: Vanna White with George Santo Pietro ][ SOURCE: Gettyimages ]

Her marriage with restaurateur George San Pietro was a very strong one so how this marriage came to an end still remains very unsettling. The couple married in 1990.

They stayed together for almost a decade, even during the painful miscarriage Vanna went through. The couple had a divorce in November 2002, officially calling it quits! Two years later, she was involved with businessman Michael Kaye and they were even engaged for two years but the two never made it to the altar.

Her first known romantic relationship was even more painful. She dated actor John Gibson in the 1980s who tragically passed away in a plane crash.

Vanna, however, managed to move on with life despite such tragic event eventually marrying George San Pietro. Wow! Women surely are the most emotionally strong being in the world

Talking about mishaps, Vanna White had a wardrobe malfunction in “Wheel of Fortune” that sparked many headlines! Apparently, a prop gift box tailed along for her stroll across the stage somehow getting affixed to her gown. However being the smart woman that she is, Vanna White easily brushed it off.

But things might be turning around for Vanna, as she seems to have attained bliss with her current beau, John Donaldson.

John and Vanna are expected to have found the one in one another and rumor has it that the two might be marrying real soon as Vanna and John seem to have reached a great level of understanding, Vanna tells to Closer Weekly,
 “He is kind, understanding and lets me be me.”