Valene Kane Relationship Status: Single, married to husband or a boyfriend. What's she planning?

HitBerryPublished on   29 Sep, 2016Updated on   10 May, 2021

Valene Kane is an Irish actress who is best known for her role Rose Stagg in The Fall on BBC2. She is from Northern Ireland, Newry.

Even though being one of the most loved celebrity her personal life is hard to be known. Alike many celebrities Valene also seems to be keeping her relationship status a little mystery.

Valene Kane

Valene Kane

There may be many possible reasons why celebrities are willing to keep their personal life secret.  Maybe Valene wanted to keep her personal issue like affairs, husband, boyfriend and her family far away from the people's eyes.

Valene Kane Relationship Status

How can one guess that this beautiful and gorgeous actress Valene Kane be single? Isn’t it?

Even though many followers has been chasing her and trying to know her activities there are no records that could be found which is related to her dating history.

Valene Kane was born in 1987 which makes her almost 30 now. She has been so secretive from the beginning and always tried her level best to keep her relationships secret.  But her fans are neither less they always know what she is up to.

Many sources have claimed that she has already been married though no one knew who her husband is. Even though people know that she was dating Ed Copper Clarke, Valene only mentioned it few times.

After being spotted in a Hotel in California and making a tweet, that lead towards the built up of a wedding in 2014, we can say may have married to her actor boyfriend which many of her fans has mentioned.

Valene Kane confession

Valene Kane

Valene Kane

Valene Kane who was secretly dating Ed Copper Clarke spoke out about how she got attracted towards him even though Ed is not her type.  Valene and Ed fell in love with each other in the play The Rivals which was the touring production of RB Sheridan.

They played the role of a lover which made them eventually fall in love in real life. She said that she slipped for his polite and formal way of portraying himself.


Valene Kane confessed, ' I fell in love very reluctantly, he's not my type at all. He's very, very English and very polite and lovely – not Irish in any way, whereas my dad is really Alpha, a former Gaelic footballer. You know, the strong man who doesn’t talk about his feelings. That's the type I went for before'.

 Ed's charm, intelligence and incredibly handsome looks attracted Valene. It's been many years since they are together and being living together in London.

And Yes! They love extremely perfect together if you doubt check this picture.

Ed Copper Clarke and Valene Kane

Ed Copper Clarke and Valene Kane