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USA Track & Field hammer thrower Amanda Bingson talks about her way to Rio Olympic 2016: "I'm excited about it"

June 5, 2016
First published on:June 5, 2016
by John

Time is changing so is the perception of people. Hammer throw for women in Olympics started only in 2000. The competition of the participants (women) started in early 2000; Olympic commonly known as Rio 2016 is a major multi-sport event in the tradition Olympics Games. Olympic is always an eye-catching event of the people around the world.

Amanda Bingson, 25, represents team USA for Track and Field, claimed her first national title in 2013, throw of 75.73m/248-5. Bingson, who is 5-foot-6, defeated Jeneva Stevens in 2013 USA outdoors track and field setting a new record. She posed nude photographs for ESPN magazine which has brought up body issue. As Bingson weighs around 210 pounds, she gave a new view regarding athletes.

After posing for the ESPN magazine, she has been offered with marriage proposal. Since last 7years, Bingson has not been in any relationships. She is busy training now for 2015 world championship in Beijing. Bingson is a newcomer to the Olympics as she has never heard of the hammer throw until in 2008, and only participated in the event in 2009. Her friend encouraged to try the throws as she wasn’t that interested, she saw a cute boy throwing and wanted to impress him, that cute boy was Ben Jacobs who plays for the Cleveland Browns. And then she decided to stick on it for some time. Since then she has been improving and been recognized as athlete. In 2014 she stood 5th at USA Indoors; 1st at USA Outdoors and 3rd at Edmonton. As an athlete she was struggling in her early years, she worked for panda express for a year in 2012, as soon as she made it up to team she made up orange chickens and after being champion in 2013 she is one of the few athlete who make living out of it and now she is happy.


                                                        Amanda Bingson  The flower girl   source:

During her school days she was rejected from her volleyball team as she was too fat. Bingson doesn’t have any issue regarding her appearance to the public. She defines herself as “dense” and people ought to know that athletes come in different shapes and sizes. She states that, things that dense people can do skinnier people can’t nonetheless there are things that skinner people can do dense people can’t. She is recognized for competing with flower in her hair.

                                                                Bingson bold and confident     source:

As she will be competing in Olympics 2016 she clarifies that she is thrilled as well as very anxious to know what will happen in the competition. She trusts her coach as well as believe in her training that they are going to be at hand when time comes. If she will be awarded with medal in the upcoming Olympics she would get up to the podium and chug a beer like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

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