US Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan signed photograph and autographed letter on eBay

June 30, 2015
First Published On: June 30, 2015
by HitBerry

When the Associate Justice of US Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, clerked for Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall during the high court's 1987-88, she was nicknamed “Shorty” by Marshall. He measuring 6’2” and she standing just at 5’3”. Well, though she was nicknamed for her short height, after all height is just a number as nothing stopped this talented and intellectual legal practitioner from having a successful career.

The Associate Justice, Kagan is reputed for her uncanny wit and cleverness and the way she smartly handles her legal cases. Just a few months ago she wittily solved the famous Spiderman case with a bit of puns and fun.

The interesting case of toy manufacturing companies, Kimble vs. Marvel Entertainment started somehow like this. Stephen Kimble is a creator of a unique Spiderman toy that allows kids to shoot webs from pressurized foam string. But soon later, the Marvel also released a similar kind of toy namely web blaster. After the launching of the toy, Kimble sued Marvel in 1997. To settle down the matter, Marvel acquired Kimble’s patent for an amount of $500,000 and 3% of all the future sales.

Despite the settlement agreement, the Kimble continued to take the royalties for the long forgotten web blaster as there was no date set for the end of the royalties. Later Marvel declared that, it didn’t have to pay anymore royalties to Kimble as the 20 year patent expired in 2010. But Kimble argued that, his inability to collect royalties beyond the patent term, even when his agreement with Marvel did not specify and end date, would hurt innovation.

The verdict went to the favour of The Marvel. Well, Kagan must be appreciated for all this.  

 "In this world, with great power there must also come—great responsibility," well this implies in the case of Kagan.

The 55 year old Associate Justice is Ashkenazi Jewish by ethnicity and belonged to a middle-class Jewish family living on Manhattan's Upper West Side.  She was second of the three children. Her mother was a teacher and her father was a lawyer. She was inspired to become a lawyer by her father and also was always very much inspired by the thought of pursuing a good education. She pursued law education from Harvard Law School. She is a very devoted Jewish and she identifies herself as a conservative one.

 It’s amazing to know that Elena Kagan signed 6x9 photograph and an autographed letter is available at the online shopping site The price of her photograph is $99.95, higher than any other Supreme Court Justices.

She was nominated as the Supreme Court Associate Justice by the US President Barack Obama in 2010 and she is also the first woman Solicitor General. She has no partner or children and she is unmarried. Kagan has always been known for her quick wit, strong writing and aggressive questioning at oral arguments.