Is it Possible to Improve Memory? Find Techniques to Improve Your Memory And to Enhance Brain Power

June 28, 2018
First published on:April 18, 2017
by HitBerry

The brain is one of the largest and complex organs of the human body which is made of above hundred billion nerves and communicates in trillions of links.

This complex organ plays some major roles in our bodies such as commanding, controlling, functioning and much more. A powerful memory depends on the vitality of our brain and good health.

Is it really possible to improve our memory?

People say that it is worthless to teach new tricks to an old dog, however, it is the different case for our brain. Scientists have discovered through research that human brain has an astonishing quality to alter its functionalities and adapt new things even in the old age. This quality is called as neuroplasticity.

The brain’s outstanding capability to redesign itself comes true when it occurs memory and learning. The brain can harness its power of neuroplasticity to enhance our cognitive capabilities, improve ability to gain new ideas, and to enhance memory power at any age.

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Some major tips to improve your Memory and Brain


The understanding of human being can be altered by the past experience or the comprehension of a human brain can modify by experiences, which is the initial process to improve the power of memory.

Previously, it was believed that brain of an adult was a fixed entity, however, the recent researches show that human brain is highly flexible which can be modified through our experiences, behavior, and emotions.

Neuroplasticity is the technique through which the brain learns from experiences, at the same, it studies new behaviors and also recollects lost habit and information from the brain.

Selection of right foods

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Your daily foods play a vital role in your memory. Fresh and green vegetables are necessities to empower your brain. However, foods with grain carbohydrates and lots of sugar make a negative impact on the memory. Some of the essential food to your memory improvement are:

Avocados: contains folate and vitamin K, which helps to take care of blood clots in the brain as well as supports to enhance functioning on brain basically with concentration and memory.

Beets: Beets might be one of the unloved vegetables, although, it is very important for your health and brain that carries a large amount of nutrition and it is one of the most nutritious plants that we eat.

Blueberries or Strawberries: the saying ‘great thinks come with small packets’, which is exactly what blueberries do. Due to the fact that it has many amazing health benefits, contains vitamin K, vitamin C, and fiber, this food is mostly important because of its Gallic acid that protects the brain from stress and degeneration.

Bone Broth: Everyone should have this food to heal the gut, also to heal your brain, which is a powerful ancient food that boosts human immune system. It has other many health benefits as well.

Broccoli: It contains a high level of choline and Vitamin K, which helps to sharpen your memory. Further, it contains vitamin C as well.

Egg Yolks: Some people eat only egg white being conscious about their health, however, yolks contains much more value to your brain. It observes large amounts of Choline, which is helpful for fetal brain development on pregnant women.

There are many other foods which are supportive of improving your brain power such as Celery, Coconut Oil, Green Vegetables, Salmon Fish, Rosemary, Turmeric, Walnuts, Olive Oil, and Dark Chocolate etc.

Manage your time to exercise regularly

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Regular exercise motivates our brain to function at an optimal level by stimulating nerve cells to multiply, fortify the interlinks and protecting them from injury. A research made on primates disclose that regular exercise improves blood flow towards brain as well as helps monkeys to learn new skills in double rate than non-exercising monkeys.

Take a good sleep every night

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A research at Harvard University shows that some people can actually improve the connection to distantly related ideas through sleeping. Good sleep enhances the performance of challenging skills also supports to gain your memories. A good sleep for a single day (6-7hrs.) can positively impact to think smartly the next day.

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 Challenge your mind

The director of the Computational Memory Lab, the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Michael Kahana says, 'We know that people are cognitively active and have an advanced memory as they age'. Your brain remember things which makes you fun and if you have your interests on the activities you are doing.

To challenge your mind, you can learn new languages, can watch documentaries on the subjects that fascinate you, play quiz yourself, try to find out meaning from images etc. By doing these activities regularly, you can improve remembering capacity of your mind slowly.

The father of the modern science Mr. Albert Einstein once said that “Once you stop learning, you start dying”. So never give up, learn something new.

Play Brain Games

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One of the very useful methods to take out brain’s memory is via brain games. Learning new instruments, working to solve a puzzle and chess generates positive connections in your brain.

Dr. Peter Snyder, a professor of clinical neurosciences at Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University, says, 'You can actually generate fresh cells in the hippocampus', through mind games, which are essential for generating new memories and may protect from memory loss and also against dementia in later life.

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