Unravel Kate Middleton's Early Life before becoming the Duchess of Cambridge

Who does not know Kate Middleton, given her relationship with Prince William, first grandson of Queen Elizabeth II? But did you know how she met Prince William despite coming from a middle-class family? Ever wondered who made the first move? Then you have to stay on this page because the fact might be opposite than what you have assumed.

Before becoming the People's Princess, Kate was actually a working girl. She was an accessory buyer, a photographer, web designer and marketing officer. On top of that, she once lived in a rented apartment, with her sister. You heard it right, folks. Want to find out more?

Kate Middleton’s Early Life

First things first. How did Catherine Elizabeth ‘Kate’ acquire the name ‘Middleton’? You should know this, after all her mother's family belonged to an average working class but her father, Michael came from a wealthy family. All the credit goes to her grandmother because of her effort, Carole became an air hostess.

Kate’s mother, Carole had met Michael Middleton while working at the British Airways. Carole and Michael married soon after.


Kate Middleton with sister Pippa and father Michael in Jerash, Jordan Kate Middleton with sister Pippa and father Michael in Jerash, Jordan  Source: mirror.co.uk

Michael and Carole later established a mail-order party goods company, Party Pieces which made the family millionaires. Another interesting thing about Kate, she was not so popular as a child compared to her fame now. She was also bullied in her school. On her first day at co-ed Marlborough, some boys in a school rated her 2 out of 10 for attractiveness and personality when she was 14. Where must be they now? The Duchess of Cambridge is very close to her father and mom, her sister, Pippa, and brother, James.

So how did Kate Middleton meet Prince William?

Middleton met William while she was studying at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. They were in the same class but were never attracted to each other. In fact, she was dating Rupert Finch then but guess what actually caught the Prince's attention. The same thing that catches every man’s attention. Yup, you guessed it.

kate-middleton-2002-charity-fashion-show-at-st-andrews-university Kate Middleton in 2002 charity fashion show at St Andrews University, Source: lisawallerrogers

Kate Middleton had appeared in a fashion show while she was at the university, wearing nearly what it seemed like a gown. Their courtship, however, didn't start immediately. It was after the show William showed interest in her. Not soon after, Middleton and her friends were asked to share a flat with Prince William, the couple finally hit it off and started dating secretly.

Kate Middleton finally becomes the Duchess of Cambridge

Soon, news of Kate dating William spread like a wildfire. Cameras and Paparazzi followed her wherever she went, she was dating the Prince. Sadly, every relationship has its own shares of ups and downs. Prince William broke up with her after five years of relationship in 2007. Wondering why?

Simply, William belongs to a royal family. The Royals are supposed to be decent, meaning someone who takes the relationship seriously. William chose the latter option but it seemed like a camouflage. Truth, however, appeared different.

prince william and kate during their marriage ceremony in 2011 Prince William and Kate during their marriage ceremony in 2011, Source: dailymail.co.uk

Want to know the truth? The couple had split, but in the eye of public only. At the time, Kate was only 25. She seemed devastated but they were still living together as reported by several medias. Finally, on November 16, 2010, Prince William proposed Kate and a year later, the couple tied the knot on April 29, 2011, and hence, Catherine's journey to the Duchess of Cambridge concluded.