Ukranian Football player Andriy Yarmolenko, age 26, being transferred. Is Everton his new team?

December 22, 2015
First Published On: December 22, 2015
by HitBerry

Ukrainian football player Andriy Yarmolenko, aged 26, is soon to be transferred to a new club and it is assumed to be none other than Everton Football Club.

The Ukrainian football star is all set to make his grand entrance in the English football club based in Liverpool. Andriy, who is a Ukrainian football winger or forward, currently plays for Dynamo Kyiv in the Ukrainian Premier League and the Ukraine national football team.

As per several reports, the English team has agreed to bring Andriy on a £15 million pound from his present team, Dynamo Kyiv to theirs. It has also been reported that the reason behind the FA Cup winning team’s interest on the Ukrainian forward is his performances in his games in his national team and his club as well.

It is also believed that Andriy earned himself extra points in the eyes of Everton FC due to his performance for his team against Everton in Europa league last season. The young footballer scored in Dynamo's 5-2 win over the English football giants. He is young and possesses extreme amount of talent and has the ability to work magic on field.

Though the news of his possible transfer has been going on for months, it is being said that the contact has only been made between the two clubs and the talks between these two is still going on. They have not decided when Andriy is being transferred to Everton.

After the aforementioned match last year, the manager for Everton expressed his fear regarding Andriy being a constant threat to his side and further added that he would be a success in the Premier League if he kept on performing that way.

This 26 year old player has clearly been able to impress the managers and fans of whichever teams he plays for. The Ukrainian national marked his name and place in his present team Dynamo within a year of being transferred from Desna Chirnihiv in 2006.

This star has scored almost 20 goals for Ukraine in his past 50 performances. And this is why Everton seems so eager to bring this Ukrainian hero to their side. This transfer would be Everton’s most ambitious moves so far.

Roberto Martinez has always been quite keen to add some new attacking forces to his team before he runs out of transfer options and the manager made a great choice by deciding to bring Andriy to Everton, reports say.

It was also rumored that the star was moving to Stoke but Everton were quick enough to make a record deal of £15 million pound for the player.

Fans of Everton and the team itself have high hopes from Andriy, who is sure to give his usual excellent performance in the field in his new Everton jersey.

His estimated annual salary is $1.2 million USD and it will probably increase with his much talked about transfer contract. He is married to his wife, Inna Yarmolenko. The couple, who tied the knot in 2011, have a son named Ivan Yarmolenko.