UFC 217 Main Event: Georges St-Pierre VS Michael Bisping result out GSP Wins

HitBerryPublished on   05 Nov, 2017Updated on   29 Apr, 2021

UFC 217 Main Event between Georges St-Pierre VS Michael Bisping for Middleweight Belt can produce any result.

Everyone in the fans got excited about this match. Bisping And GSP fight's referee was Big John McCarthy. No immediate action was seen in the early rounds but in between the third minute both fighters exchanged jabs, GSP looked a lot bigger and was perfectly a middleweight fighter.

UFC 217 Main Event Georges St-Pierre VS Michael Bisping confirmed a new Middleweight Champion

The crowd cheered for GSP who returned to the octagon after four years. GSP's timing was really good from the very beginning. 56 seconds to the second round GSP tried to take down Bisping but as Bisping has a good wrestling defense, got out of GSP's lock easily but he was definitely hurt by the superman jab from GSP.

GSP VS Bisping is a huge hit GSP VS Bisping is a huge hit, The fight went up to three rounds and GSP Won

Regardless the hate comment passed by Bisping, Georges St-Pierre showed a great showmanship and the fight was one of the most interesting fights to watch when a prodigy returned to fight a bigger and better Bisping who is the most vicious Middleweight champion so far.

Two minutes into second round Bisping threw a beautiful jab and GSP definitely felt it. One minute to the third round GSP again tried to wrestle out Bisping but he defended the takedown and landed two righthand hooks on GSP.

George St-Pierre had a perfect game plan and technique won the power

Two different styles clashed in UFC 217. GSP who holds the record of highest takedowns 73.7 percent in 15 minutes of most UFC fights exchanged shots with Michael Bisping who holds the record of the most significant striker with 1533 significant strikes lands on opponents. But, fans were surprised to actually see a better version of St-Pierre as GSP landed good shots on Bisping.

UFC news Bisping vs GSP Decoded UFC news: Bisping vs GSP result disappoints Bisping Fans as English man Lost to Canadian Prodigy George St-Pierre

Early in the third round, GSP took the fight to the mat but Bisping was not going to give up, both fighters started landing elbows exchanging strikes but GSP got cuts and hits from Champions elbow. GSP's vision was blocked by Bisping's shots but GSP kept pushing with his kicks and then George got Bisping with his left hook and then he threw a right jab and took the game to the mat for the third time in third round and he changed the game to take it to his side and won a title with a rear neck chock.

Four years off the Octagon, GSP makes his way straight up to Middleweight and wins the title against Michael Bisping. GSP also said that Bisping was the best guy he fought in the UFC.

Bisping said:

"No excuses but George was a better man tonight, no excuses"

Bisping also added that he would be back and will not retire and apologized for bashing GSP's fans saying that he was just trying to get through the day.