UFC 217 Main Event: Georges St-Pierre VS Michael Bisping fight Decoded

November 3, 2017
First published on:November 3, 2017
by HitBerry

UFC 217 is in hype once again as Michael Bisping a British UFC fighter and the current UFC middleweight champion faces Canadian UFC superstar Georges St-Pierre on Maddison Square Garden this Saturday for the middleweight title.

Bisping and GSP fight has gathered quite a lot of heat and fans are rooting for it. There is no any one favorite fighter as per the betting result statistics but Michael who ended Anderson Silva's career is frequently claiming that Georges St-Pierre, who according to the middleweight champ looked like a history teacher is a no match to him.

Michael Bisping And George St-Pierre fight explained in detail

Regardless the hate comment passed by Bisping, Georges St-Pierre is one tough fighter and the fight will surely be interesting to watch as two different style clashes in UFC 217. GSP who holds the record of highest takedowns 73.7 percent in 15 minutes of most UFC fights will exchange shots with Michael Bisping who holds the record of the most significant striker with 1533 significant strikes lands on opponents.

ST-Pierre VS Bisping Press Conference makes the whole show a big seller ST-Pierre VS Bisping Press Conference makes the whole show a big seller

Though fan's favorite GSP has been out of UFC for four years will be given a tough match by Bisping who is in the top shape and has been performing best as a champion recently.

So, if you have missed any action between these two fighters, Here is a pre-fight press conference video shared by UFC:

GSP VS Bisping will also be a great seller and Bisping undoubtedly is recently doing what UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor does his best, defeating the opponent mentally but he should realize that he is talking about GSP who is known to destroy his opponent with the grizzling power to push opponents on the ground and destroy them in grounding-pounding game.

Promotional picture Mike Bisping vs PSG From Left: PSG, UFC president Dana White and Mike Bisping, Source: ESPN

But Bisping repeatedly has been acting as if he doesn't care what GSP is bringing to the table. Take a look at his recent tweet and you will know what we mean by this:

According to ESPN's chart, both the players are offensive and there are a few things that even Bisping accepts as in many conferences Bisping has admitted that GSP is a better athlete than Bisping and has a strong Wrestling and Jujutsu background but Bisping definitely has a stronger chin and a better shot on target.

UFC 217 Poster UFC 217 Poster

While looked carefully, GSP is a well-composed fighter, and is considered as a gas tank and gets his opponent wobbly and tired pretty easily then he bursts somewhere around second round and starts to capitalize on his wrestling skills.

ESPN Bisping VS GSP statistics ESPN Bisping VS GSP statistics

He has a great technique, a super solid body, and a very good athletic ability. St-Pierre is a vicious bull while it comes to the ground game and squeezes his opponent like a lemon but Bisping is one tough middleweight fighter and has been destroying opponents who are definitely bigger than George.

GSP VS Bisping is a huge hit GSP VS Bisping is a huge hit

Though George will bring his Karate techniques on the table along with his perfect wrestling skills he will still have work hard to slow Michael down, as Michael is a serious striker, and an active fighter and is a master of wrestling defense skills, taller champion Bisping has reach, size and strike advantage.

ESPN decodes bisping GSP fight ESPN decodes Bisping GSP fight

George can't force him into Bisping's reach early in the game which is sure, and if he does so, he will surely get hit and every strike Bisping lands, he makes it count.

Promotional picture shared by Mike Bisping on Instagram Promotional picture shared by Mike Bisping on Instagram

As Bisping who has mastered the art of mind game and talked a lot of trash against GSP, the former welterweight champion, on the other hand, has uploaded a video tweet addressing his fans about what fans should expect on 4th of November in his fight against the current middleweight champion, have a look

So, it's not all talks for Bisping, GSP should also realize that he has never been a Middleweight fighter whereas Bisping has the taste of heavyweight as well.

Here is a recent open training video released by GSP and it honestly is not as impressive as GSP's other training videos:

Being seen that, here is Michael Bisping's pre-fight open training clip where his actions seem to underrate GSP

Hold on, if you don't remember all that GSP can actually do then here is a fan-made video which showcases GSP's actual skillset

So, even if you are a Bisping fan or a GSP supporter, this Saturday night all your prayers are going to be answered.
As per UFC CEO Dana White, this fight will finally be a good payday as many UFC's previous main events have not been able to earn as much as it was expected to. If you are going to buy a pay-per-view this Saturday, It's not the only fight that should fan's favorite as two of the next generation stars Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw fight has also gained a lot of heat after Cody released a training video where he allegedly KO'ed TJ.