Tyler Blackburn strips down as he goes skinny dipping at Coachella.

April 20, 2016
First Published On: April 20, 2016
by HitBerry

Jeez, he did it again. First time Tyler Blackburn showed his bare ass on his Instagram was when he went skinny dipping in Fiji. That was more than 2 years ago in February 2014. “Mowgli” was the caption.

This time yet again, this Pretty Little Liars star posted picture of his ass on Instagram with the caption “Mowgli 2.0????”, more like Mowgli minus his loin cloth 2.0. And is that cactus reference to the long cactus in the photo or…?Coachella Music Festival can take a lot of toll on your body and different people have different ways to cure their hangover. While many just take a day of and sleep for a day or two Tyler decided to go Skinny Dipping in a pool.

Well, at least it’s an eyeful for his female fans. This time, he is wearing a hat. That is also considered a cloth, right guys? So, this time, he is at least wearing something. Good for you.


Mowgli 2.0????

A photo posted by Tyler Blackburn (@tylerjblackburn) on

The picture of Instagram was so loved by fans that now it has around 240k hits. Who does not like it, when he got an ass like that?

But we wonder why he likes to show off his butt-cheeks so much, at least half of it. Is there any hidden meaning? Is he challenging everyone to a butt-showing challenge like the Ice Bucket Challenge?  Does he want everyone to know that he has a nice butt? Is he trying to challenge Nicki Minaj to a butt showdown? Or is he trying to promote The Jungle Book that has just started its run on theater?

I wonder if he is thinking of appearing like that in his acting career as well. No matter what you butt looks like, we will still love you, Tyler.

Jungle Book is out now in theaters near you. Enjoy the adventure of Mowgli who wears a red loincloth, unlike someone.