Two Models Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren Have Broken Up, Know about their Affairs and Relationship

Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren met when they were modeling at their young age. Nobody knew how they got so famous in social media in a small time.

The 21 and 20-year-old Jay and Alexis traveled many famous places including island paradise, beach and took a lot of pictures together. By pictures, I mean super-sexy pictures. They were beginning to be known as an Instagram couple but things got messy.

Things got messy between Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez. They were a happy couple before

The social media stars have called it quits. The pictures of these instant celebrities are perfect but their breakup is getting messy. The couple rose to fame in 2015, after they celebrated their vacation and got featured on Instagram and youtube. The couple seemed perfect and adorable together.

Alexis and Jay instagram picture




Jay and Alexis spotted in various events and gatherings, mingled with celebs and started to spend more time together. It was not long that the couple just had their romantic times and the relationship got rocky.

The couple was called the sexiest couple on Instagram. The glimpse they shared took the Instagram by storm. Alexis has more than 8 million followers and Jay has more than 5 million followers. Their sexy picture got featured many times.

It was a year ago that fans started noticing that they are deleting the pictures they shared on Instagram. Alexis and Jay unfollowed each other on Instagram and Twitter.



If we give a quick look at the Twitter account we will find that something was terribly going wrong between them. The couple who used to post pictures of them kissing, cuddling and traveling, now began to post cryptic things.

Alexis posted some thing that clearly stated that the couple had some arguments. She constantly posted about souls. She said that she did not have time for things with no soul. It left their fans with a big question mark, Did they really broke up? Yeah, I guess. And you will also believe after seeing her tweets. Give a look.


The way they were sharing their company, we had no hint they would break up but they did. The news completely left their fans shocking. FEEB tweeted that if the rumor of Jay and Alexis is true then there is no hope for anyone. Some even commented that the couple got them fucked up by passing such a bad news.


Though the couple did not make any official statements, their fans freaked out. They have not attended any interview together after the rumor so there’s a less chance that we will hear the truth formally.