Twice Divorced former model Marisa Berenson, age 68, hopes to someday find a husband and get married again??

February 1, 2016
First Published On: February 1, 2016
by HitBerry

Twice Divorced former model Marisa Berenson, aged 68, hopes to find a husband and get married again someday, a source revealed.

The American actress and model, who once rocked the fashion industry with her charm and beauty, is eager to get hitched in the coming years. The source, who claims to be quite close to the model turned actress, said that the twice divorced actress wanted to marry once again. 

The insider gave us exclusive information about Berenson and her desire on getting married. 

“Marisa has tasted failure in her previous two marriages. But despite this, she wants to give it another shot. She is quite eager to get married for the third time. I don’t know how and when this thought started making a home inside her head, but she is determined to find a man for herself,” revealed the information. 

The informant further added that Berenson wanted to get hitched now in her late 60s because she was feeling quite alone. “Marisa never gave a second thought to marriage because she was worried that if she married again, it would end up just like the former two marriages. But now, she seems to have changed her mind. She is all alone and feels that she needs a companion in the latter part of her life.

“She has started talking about this to her friends as well and some of them have given her their full support. They feel that she should do as she wishes to and that there is no harm in marrying at this age. They are even setting her up with a few men her age and she is totally enjoying dating them. Marisa is on her way to finding her soul mate. And if she does, then they might get married very soon,” explained the source.

So, according to the gossip monger, Berenson is serious about getting married once again. If so, then we hope that this sexy lady will find the perfect partner pretty soon. 

When it comes to her personal life, she has had a long history of relationships and heartbreaks. She dated French banking heir Baron David René de Rothschild, the younger son of Baron Guy de Rothschild in early 1970s. She later hooked up with Austrian actor Helmut Berger. But they soon broke up as well. 

She married her first husband, James Randall, in 1976. The couple divorced within two years of getting married. They have a daughter named Starlite Melody Randall. She again tied the knot to her second husband Aaron Richard Golub, a lawyer, in 1982. They divorced in 1987, after just five years of being together.

And now, after almost thirty years of remaining single and unmarried, this hot beauty has shown a desire to get married and we hope that her wish comes true soon. 

During her career as a model and an actress, she appeared on the front covers of magazines like Vogue and Time. She also won the National Board of Review Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Natalia Landauer in the 1972 film Cabaret, along with a Golden Globe and BAFTA Award nominations for the same role. She has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars.