TV Star Jessi Combs Talks about her Relationship with Lincoln Electric,Who is she Dating Currently?

February 26, 2018
First Published On: February 26, 2018

One of the famous American TV personality as well as a metal fabricator, Jessi Combs have been on TV for a long time. But today we are not here to talk about her career and professional success but about her personal life, who is she dating currently as well as some of her dating histories.


Get to know in detail about the famous TV star Jessi’s personal life. She covered some news by explaining her relationship with Lincoln Electric. Know more about Combs and her love story.

Jessi Combs and Lincoln Electric

If you follow Jessi Combs, you must already know that she has partnered with an American manufacturing company, ‘Lincoln Electric’ and introduced a women’s welding apparel. The duo has introduced the latest fusion of style as well as safety, especially for women.

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[ CAPTION: Jessi Combs Partners With Lincoln Electric ][ SOURCE: SEMA ]

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When Combs herself was asked about the invention, she said:

For years, I’ve wrestled with sleeves that are too long and gloves that are too big. I ‘m excited to partner with Lincoln Electric to offer protective gear that fits right and looks good. I really look forward to sharing these items with other female fabricators.

Well, it looks like the introduction of women’s welding apparel has not been a blessing for all the other woman, but Jessi Combs herself as well.

Who is Jessi Combs Dating?

Jessi Combs keeps on updating about her professional career. However, she has not been the same with her personal life. She has kept most of her personal life details as secret and behind the curtains, especially the details of her love life. But looking her up on social media, it looks like she doesn’t date anyone currently.

[ CAPTION: Jessi Combs's Instagram ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

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Scrolling down her Instagram, there is no any picture of her with a guy labeling him as her boyfriend or husband. Although she has already been of age looks like she is happily single and doesn’t want to get married. Well even if she does want to marry, it’s never too late to get married right?

[ CAPTION: Jessi Combs's Instagram ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Well, we were actually looking at her Instagram to find a picture of her with a guy, but instead, we found something else. We discovered that she is very much into adventures and she likes to spend her time in nature and doesn’t want anyone to complete her life.