TV Show Host Patti Ann Browne and husband Mike Browne, married since 2004, might be getting divorced

HitBerryPublished on   05 Oct, 2015Updated on   19 May, 2021

Not much is known about TV show host Patti Ann Browne, as she loves to keep her personal life within the four walls of her home. She loves privacy and does not like interference from the media or the paparazzo.

The American news anchor and reporter for the Fox News Channel has been married to her husband Mike Browne since 2004. They started dating before their marriage and after seven months of seeing each other, the couple finally decided to tie the knot. They have a son who was born in July 2005 and the couple live together in New York City. But, now, it looks like the happily married pair is on the verge of breaking up.

Rumor has it that the TV anchor and her husband are having some issues with their marriage, which might lead to a divorce very soon.

A source, who claimed to know about the couple’s ongoing problem that has led the threat of divorce between the parents of one, revealed that the relationship between the Fox News Extra host and her photographer husband is on the rocks.

“All is not well between Patti and her hubby. They have been married for a decade, but never have I seen them arguing so harshly or so mad at each other. This must be the first time I saw them fighting with each other,” said the source.

It added: “I don’t know the real reason, but Mike is not happy with Patti. She is popular and beautiful and loves to live her life freely. Mike is a photographer and he is quite decent and does not mesh very well with the lavish and fashionable life of the show biz. And this is creating differences between them.

“Both Patti and her husband are on their 50s and she feels that one needs to enjoy life before they get old. She works for the media, which means she has to meet different people and make herself presentable all the time. Due to her busy schedule and her desire to live an extravagant life, Patti hasn’t been able to give enough time to her husband and son, which has pissed off Mike,” revealed the source.

The informant clearly blamed Browne’s attitude and behavior for the constant bickering and misunderstanding between the couple. “It’s all her fault. If she hadn’t been that ambitious, everything would have been alright. This has brought them on the verge of divorce but Mike has been doing his best to keep their relationship unbroken,” told the insider.

“Both the parents don’t want to split as they still love each other and they don’t want their son to be victimized by their problems for the rest of his life,” added the source.