TV Show Host Lorraine Kelly flaunts her amazing figure in bikini, after being seen with her look-alike daughter

November 28, 2015
First Published On: November 28, 2015
by HitBerry

British television presenter Lorraine Kelly stunned her fans in a new bikini avatar just days after appearing with her look-alike daughter Rosie in the ITV studios.

The journalist and actress, who is best known as a presenter for TV-am, GMTV and ITV Breakfast, , looked absolutely stunning as she flashed her toned up figure in a bikini a few weeks ago.

Lorraine Kelly even shared her experience of wearing a bikini at the age of 55 with OK! She said: “I looked alright for my age.” The actress also revealed that the reason behind her decision to appear in a bikini on her show. And it wasn’t surprising to know that she received ample amount of support and positive response from her beloved fans and audiences online for her brave step.

Her fans openly expressed their love for her and praised her for being able to stay so fit and beautiful, even in her mid-50s. She exclusively spoke to OK! at the Attitude Awards, where she was present with her doppelganger daughter. She said that the actual reason behind her move was to make her viewers realize how beautiful their body is and it was only possible for her to do so by showing them that she was proud of her skin and body.

"I was so chuffed by the way everyone was so kind to me," she told. "We were doing this big bikini challenge and I realized I couldn't be saying to all the women watching my show 'wear a bikini' if I didn't do it.

"I just thought, I'm going to go for it. It was fine. I mean, I was alright! At my age, it was OK," she added.

And we must admit that she did look sexy and extremely hot.

The journalist also went on to share a few more facts about life, especially her motherhood and her 20 year old daughter. She told OK! how she managed her motherhood, even in her hectic and busy working career.

"Do you know what? You just do it. I'm very lucky because she's fantastic, and her dad is really hands on. He's always done more than his fair share" she shared.

Well, we must praise how Kelly, who shares recipes for varieties of food items, has been able to maintain her perfect physique. She isn’t on diet, is she?

Just two days before her bikini appearance, the mother of one was seen along with her beautiful look-alike daughter Rosie at ITV studios. The mother and daughter duo, who can hardly be distinguished from each other, were seen together as the Daybreak host appeared on the London Southbank for the latest episodes of her early morning show.

Both mother and daughter looked fantastic as they rocked a similar outfit for the day. Kelly and Rosie were both seen wearing a stone-colored rain mac on cool looking trousers and shoes. The later was seen helping her mother with her wardrobe choices as she walked alongside her mother with several different clothes in her hand.

Besides their classy and casual look, the duo shared a positive vibe with smiles on their faces.

Kelly lives with her husband Stevie Smith, whom she married in 1992.