Tv Producer/Presenter Fiona Bruce, age 51, considers herself lucky because of her family and children

November 28, 2015
First Published On: November 28, 2015
by HitBerry

British television producer, journalist, newsreader and television presenter, Fiona Bruce considers herself a lucky woman. You might think “Yeah, she is lucky!! She is one of the most popular TV presenters and has an annual salary of $500,000 dollars”. And that is true. But, the real reason behind her happiness is something else! The popular TV personality considered herself happy and lucky, not because of her fame and the heights her career has reached, but because of her children.

Bruce, who turned 51, last April sat down with Telegraph and talked about her delight on stepping into her early 50s and her wonderful children. She joined BBC back in 1989 and has presented several flagship programs for the corporation, namely the News at Six, News at Ten, Crimewatch, Call My Bluff and Antiques Roadshow, to name a few.

She is successful in her own way. Being a wife and a mother was not easy for such a famous media person. She struggled hard to juggle her family life and professional life. She got married to her husband Nigel Sharrocks, the former director of the advertising agency where she worked. They tied the knot in Islington in 1994 and later came the children; son Sam (born January 1998) and daughter Mia (born November 2001).

This lady, who considers her fiftieth birthday to be her milestone birthday, is not so shy to reveal her actual age, unlike many other women. She thinks that being 51 means that she has worked quite a long time to achieve what she has in her life. After all, she is one of the highest paid BBC presenters. And she has successfully managed her family and her children while moving on in her career, which is why she considered herself happy to be a mother.

Bruce, despite having lived half a century and being a mother of two, still manages to look beautiful and glowing. But, she said that she would never opt for artificial ways to get beautiful.

Bruce spoke to the Telegraph about how she used to watch the clock while working for Panorama when her children were quite young. She recalled: “There was always a point at which I thought, 'If I leave now, I can make bathtime’, and I’d get really irritable and try to rattle through stuff.”

She considers herself quite lucky to be successful both as a mother and a journalist. She remembered the time when her children asked her something. She told:  “My kids once said, “What would you do if you hadn’t got us?’ I replied, 'I’d be more successful and I’d have more friends, but I wouldn’t be as happy.’ ” Aw! That must be the sweetest thing we have ever heard!! Yes, indeed! Bruce might have been more successful than she is now if she hadn’t had children, but she would have hardly been happy with her success and without her kids.

Fiona Bruce likes to keep herself away from Twitter as she thinks, being a woman, she might receive sexist and hateful tweets.