TV News Reporter Stone Phillips, age 61, and wife Debra thinking of adopting children??

February 8, 2018
First Published On: January 14, 2016
by HitBerry

News anchor Stone Philips and his wife are reportedly thinking of adopting a baby in their sixties!!


After the unfortunate death of their daughter in 1995, Stone Philips and his wife Debra grieved for a very long time. And now, it seems they have finally decided to welcome a new guest into their family and adopt a child.

Stone Philips and Debra Children 

The loss of their daughter had left a deep hole in their heart that nothing could fill. However, they now want to adopt a child to bring back the lost sunshine in their home. In a recent interview, The Philips couple revealed that they wanted to have babies even after the death of their daughter but it could not happen as the doctors said that their age was too advanced.

The couple has a 28 years old son Streeter Phillips, who was born in 1988. He is reported to have decided to stay out of media business. Streeter is very diligent and high performing personalities like his mother and father.

As already mentioned, they had a daughter. But unfortunately, before the couple could enjoy her birth, their eyes were filled with tears of despair.

Our sources reveal that the loss of their daughter, Debra was highly grief-stricken and became very sensitive towards children. From then on she started visiting orphanage and child rehabilitation centers. As a result, they grew interested in adopting kids but never found themselves to be ready to bring one home.

Stone Philips and Debra Adopted Child

Now, in their sixties, they are finally making plans of adopting a child. The insider also spills that they are making plans on adopting a child of the black race. But we do not know if the report is true.

Stone Philips is very popular for being the former co-anchor of Dateline NBC. His news presentation style and anchoring skill have been mesmerizing the media for over a decade. His wife Debra, on the other hand, is a renowned figure in the fashion industry and is now very active in social work.

Stone and Debra both are child loving people. They have been married for many years and their bond is ever strengthening.

Stone Philips Early life and Family 

Stone Philips was originally from Texas while Debra was originally Puerto Rican. She later migrated to New York during her early childhood. Both of them are very successful and supportive of each other. They live in an apartment in New York City.

Philips has a long family history of medical science. Victor, his brother, is a famous biologist, and Minta, her sister, is a radiologist, who has now been retired for over two years. Hence professionalism and success run in the Philips family.

Stone Philips’ salary has not been disclosed publicly. But needless to say, his net worth is very high as he hosts and anchors many high rated TV shows.