TV Host Steve Kornacki opens up about being openly gay on television and dating men

December 3, 2015
First Published On: December 3, 2015
by HitBerry

There are only three openly gay men on MSNBC, one of whom is Steve Kornacki. Steve, whose actual name is Stephen Joseph Kornacki Jr, is a political writer who has been given the sole right to politically analyze the 2016 American election by MSNBC.

Stephen, prior to coming out as a gay man, had suppressed his core personality for over fifteen years. Stephen has said that the reason he did not come out earlier was due to the fear that he would be ostracized by his friends, colleagues and family.

He also says that men today have been compartmentalized into a certain cubicle where they think, in order to live the life they want, they have to be straight and that being an LGBT will simply mean the life they want will no longer be available to them.

Stephen first opened up about his sexuality to his family first before publishing the essay which would let the world know that he is gay. The entire family had a joint response to his confession “We’re proud of you’.

Stephen has also said that prior to his confession, he was always on guard around people, trying to make sure he doesn’t say or do anything that would make them suspect that he was gay.

Stephen, in his essay, mentioned that his first experience as a gay man in an intimate situation made him feel dirty and degraded – an experience he would never like to repeat. However, he has also mentions his first encounter with a gay man was through an online chat room and the only purpose was for sexual satisfaction.  

Stephen also says he met his first gay crush when he was pretending to be a straight man and enjoying coffee with his friends. He was so overwhelmed by that person that he had to fight his inner urges to ask the person out on a date. However, he controlled himself and moved on with his life.

Some years later, he came across that person again and this time he gathered up the courage to ask him out on a movie. Not knowing whether the man was straight or gay during the movie, he ended up holding hands with that person and feeling a sense of renewed excitement and acceptance for the person he is.

A few weeks later Stephen shared the aforementioned story to the world and openly accepted his sexual preference.

Stephen has not married so far, but has said he never really thought of marriage and still doesn’t. He has mentioned that while in high school, he had a few girlfriends. At that time he was still exploring his sexuality and was not sure that he was gay.

Stephen is dating an unknown man, whom he has fictionalized in his essay as the character Dan.

Stephen, apart from being a political journalist, also is an author and has written several books. Out of all his books, his most notable one is “GO Blue!”.

Stephen is a frequent user of Instagram and regularly post pictures of his daily life and can be followed as steve01450. His net worth remains undisclosed.