TV Host Ron Claiborne, aged 62, opens up about his journey into the industry

September 27, 2015
First Published On: September 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Ron Claiborne’s career has been somewhat like the pages out of a Kerouac novel – driving through the vast country in search of work, or rather just to experience the nation through a whole new perspective. He was not interested in the fame and fortune that came with being a successful journalist. His main concern was to help the public and experience as many things as he could on his journey through life.

The incident that caught young Ron’s attention was the Watergate Scandal. This clearly showed the magnitude of power and awareness journalist could create nationwide. Ron has confessed that his first wish was to appear on TV as a reporter and not to write articles or columns for a newspaper.

His first professional job was that of a television reporter for Channel 5 in New York. It was here that he realized how much he liked working on TV. He regarded the medium to be extremely superficial and disliked it at great lengths.

His transition from onset presentation to field reporting has been one of a kind. Ron mused that he was very nervous while reporting on camera from different locations and he once had to do at least twenty takes before he could get a proper shot. He also said he used to shake out of nervousness and passersby used to ask him to “take it easy”. He has come a long away from the nervous young man to being one of the best hosts of the Legendary show “Good Morning America.”

He has said his secret to flawless presenting lies in practice. He has said he used to practice over and over again, the same segment till he got it right. He has even given tips for people aspiring to be anchors and has highlighted three aspects that need to be mastered according to him: Delivery, Credibility and Authority. He has said these three are the most useful of skills that are needed in being a successful anchor.

He also mentions that in order to be good, you need to see how the best do it and has given some names that are to be studied by fellow aspirants. He also considers David Muir, Robin Roberts, Dean Harris and George Stephanopoulos to be the best anchors in the world.  

Ron, in his illustrious career, has been awarded various awards, the most prestigious being an Emmy for his coverage of the seizure of Elian Gonzales in Miami.

Ron’s personal life has remained out of the media’s books though. Ron hasn’t married yet and continues to maintain a single life.  Ron is 62 years of age and has mentioned an early retirement. He is a very tall person and stands at 6ft 1 inches height.

Ron is one of the few people of the older generation who use social networking and is pretty active compared to his counter parts on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. He can be followed in Twitter under the username @RonEClaiborne and on Facebook, his page is Ron Claiborne. He doesn’t use the popular picture sharing site Instagram.