TV Host Mika Brzezinski, who is married to reporter Jim Hoffer, hosts #knowyourvalue chat on Twitter

September 27, 2015
First Published On: September 27, 2015

American TV host, author and journalist Mika Brzezinski, who is married to her reporter husband James Patrick Hoffer, hosted a #KnowYourValue chat on Twitter. The New York Times bestselling author hosted a Twitter conversation last week on Tuesday, September 22. The talented woman of 48 answered several questions posted by her fans and followers on her Twitter account. The conversation dealt with women’s issues at workplace and Mika gave answers on how to analyze professional values and maintain both a job and family life.

The MSNBC’s Morning show host, Mika is all set to take the Know Your Value tour to different cities of the USA as well. She held another such event on Friday, September 25 in Chicago. The main goal of the event is to empower women in their workplace, where they are treated less equally and less respectfully than men. The Know Your Value tour is being considered an important part of the nationwide movement.

Talking about the Twitter convo, women from different part of the States and separate walk of lives came together to share the problems and dilemmas that they face in their workplaces with Mika on the social media. Meanwhile, she did her best to help them by bringing out solutions. To share one’s query, one had to tweet on @morningmika using the hashtag #KnowYourValue. Let us take a look at a few such tweets on #KnowYourValue.


bhandel58 tweeted: ‘@bhandel58: @morningmika @MSNBC how do you deal with and avoid burnout?’

Mika Brzezinski ‘@morningmika: [email protected] Prioritize your health & wellness. De-stress in a way that works for you. The best advice: get enough sleep. #KnowYourValue’


AllisonJonesPhillips ‘@adjonesphillips: @morningmika what tips do you have to use technology to grow and #KnowYourValue ?’

Mika Brzezinski ‘@morningmika: [email protected] Use tech to develop a voice & brand: grow your social media presence, build a website, network w/ others. #KnowYourValue’


divasocials ‘@divasocials: @morningmika I'm getting paid for one role but my daily contribution includes executive level work. How do address this? #KnowYourValue’

Mika Brzezinski ‘@morningmika: [email protected] Address it head-on and without apologizing. Stress that you're going above & beyond the role & are worth more. #KnowYourValue’


LenaMarles ‘@LenaMarles: @morningmika 13 years at company. Boss doesn't see my value. Annually remind him of my value w request equal pay. No success yet. Tips?’

Mika Brzezinski ‘@morningmika: [email protected] Use data. Explain how you are indispensable. If he/she doesn't see your value, you have to be ready to walk. #KnowYourValue’


Colleen Mathy ‘@beanqueen23: @morningmika I need some tips on how to move into a CEO role.’

Mika Brzezinski ‘@morningmika: [email protected] Focus on getting respect before trying to be everyone's friend. Don't hide your ambition to be CEO, own it! #KnowYourValue’


Maggie Arden ‘@maggiearden: @morningmika What is best strategy for countering a job offer? Especially when the salary is too low?’

Mika Brzezinski ‘@morningmika: [email protected] Explain what YOU bring to the table, back it up w/ data. In a negotiation, do NOT apologize. You deserve this! #KnowYourValue’


Mika, a mother of two, seemed glad to be helping out women who needed her advice. We hope the her efforts to empower women becomes successful.