Trump Administration's Attack on Right to Privacy; Demands Facebook info of anti-Trump activists

September 29, 2017
First published on:September 29, 2017
by HitBerry

After the Twitter drama, the Trump Administration has again declared war against an American citizen's right to privacy.  It looks like president Trump can block people from his twitter but wants eyes on all common people who are dissatisfied with his presidency.

It's an attack from Trump's administration against the right to privacy as he demands Facebook information of anti-Trump activists. The Trump administration has now obtained search warrants which would allow all access to Facebook pages that include thousands of anti-Trump protesters.

As per the report from CNN, the pages include more than 6000 protestor's information who have liked these Anti-preceding pages.

As of now, Facebook has not responded what the social media giant is going to on the legal warrant. The war between Facebook and Trump administration in February 2017, ended with facebook surrendering to terms of not letting people know if their information was being monitored. And same may happen this time but The American Civil Liberties Union, which is representing Facebook users, has filed a motion to overrule the warrant issued by the administration on Thursday.

The basic focus of warrant lies on some anti-administration activists who have openly given their views at an organizational level and on massive scales. People who are generally very critical of current administration's political point of view and functioning are sure to be on the radar.

Since the issue of this warrant, series of events have taken place and even President Donald Trump has leveled Facebook as an Anty-Trump social platform.
Here is a tweet from President Trump:

In response to this Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also published a detailed account on how the government is viewing a Social site where the idea of being different is admired.
Here is Mark's response to this allegation:
Well, we don't think to speak on the issues that people don't like should be treated as an act of crime. In fact, taking control over someone's social media means knowing his life along with passwords and credit card information.

 It's just unnatural act by the biggest authority that has the responsibility as a parent towards the whole world. We hope the authority remembers what America is all about, and what life prosperity and the pursuit of happiness means.