True Tori’ stars Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott at the premier of ‘Inside Out’ - recovering from McDermotts affair with ex-wife

HitBerryPublished on   03 Jul, 2015Updated on   27 May, 2021

‘True Tori’ stars Dean McDermott, age 48 and Tori Spelling, 42 posed for the lenses as they attended the premier of Pixar’s animated movie ‘Inside Out’. The couple looked adorable together, while Dean smilingly wrapped his arms around his pretty blonde wife; his tattoo partially visible on his arm, Tori waved at the audience with a grin on her red lips.

Dean, net worth $1.5 million, kept it casual with a white shirt and a pair of denims. Tori complimented him with a pair of sunny yellow shorts and a denim vest. The duo sure looked like a match made in heaven.

However, things haven’t been all picture perfect for the happy couple. The pair has seen a lot of drama in the past couple of years.

News of Dean’s infidelity garnered much media attention, this April. Rumor had it that he was cheating on the hot blonde  with his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace despite having 4 beautiful children together.  Tori found out about the affair when listening to Eustace’s interview on Brandi Glanville’s podcast from February.

On the interview, Mary said that Dean came to her place without any cameras and wooed her while she went to the kitchen to get him a cup of coffee. When asked if he tried to hit on her, “A little bit. Wouldn’t you?” was her reply.

Star Magazine reported that Tori felt ‘heartbroken’ on hearing this. “She’s trying to put on a brave face, but she’s at a complete loss as to how to deal with it,” said the magazine.

This is not the first time Dean has had an affair behind Tori’s back. He was caught cheating on his wife, with Emily Goodhand. He was heavily criticized and was even called a monster for his deed. He defended himself by saying: "I'm like, 'No, I'm not a monster, I'm a human being and I messed up.' I'm owning up to it and I'm getting help. But to label me a monster or evil is very hurtful. The affair was more about how I was feeling about myself than about having an affair."

After being called names like ‘douche’ and ‘scumbag’ for cheating on his wife, he took to his Twitter account and tweeted, ‘I'm done with this social media shit. To all my fans, you're the best. Love you guys. Always will. To all the haters, you know how I feel.’ Bravo Dean!!

Tori felt completely torn apart after this incident. She even visited the hospital for mental exhaustion!!

But looks like things are recovering between them. On their 9th anniversary Spelling posted a PDA-filled picture of the two of them on her Instagram, along with a caption that read, "9 years ago I married the love of my life... #truelove #Fiji #TogetherWeMade4Blessings #MistakesAreMomentsIfWeDontLetThemDefineUs #Forgiveness #Soulmate #TrulyMadyDeeply #Forever @imdeanmcdermott pic by @elizabethmessina,". Hope things do get better for the couple. And for real, this time!!