Trista Sutter's Net Worth in 2017. Know about her Sources of Income.

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Beauty with the brain, Trisha Sutter, was the runner-up of the ABC reality television show named The Bachelor on season-1. She has also been spotted on Fear Factor and Dancing with the Stars. She is best called to be the American reality television personality.

In this particular column, we will be taking about the net worth of Trista Sutter. Where did she collect the whole money? Here we will be discussing all, alongside his sources of income.

Trista Sutter's Net Worth

Trista Sutter has been working as a television personality since a very long time. She has appeared in the reality shows like The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars and Fear Factor. She was declared as runner-up on the series The Bachelor in the year 2002. Moreover, she has also been a star of The Bachelorette. She has been quite busy thus she is estimated to have a huge amount. Trista is estimated to have around $2 million as her net worth.

Trista selected the winner Ryan Sutter and thus the couple got married. ABC paid the couple around $1 million for letting them film their wedding ceremony. Later, she has also worked as the guest co-host and also became a Miami Heat Cheerleader.

Trista Sutter

Trista Sutter

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Trista Sutter's Diamond Rings

While going through her Instagram account, she has shared a picture of her flaunting the diamond rings. She owns a diamond band ring which may cost around $899.99. She also owns another ring which might cost around $5,599.99.

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Trista Sutter's House

The video shared by her in the social account makes very clear that she has a very beautiful house. The house is actually filled with stylish furniture and various antique pieces are hung. The floor is well-marbled which has added extra classic look making it look very royal.


Trista is actually a television personality thus all of her net worth might be contributed from the field. Her appearances in the reality shows and her co-host skills are the major source of income. The extra amount might be added as a cheerleader.

Trista Sutter's Married Life

Trista was married to Ryan Allen-Sutter who is actually chosen by herself on the show The Bachelorette. The couple got married on December 5, 2003. The couple is the best example for those who do not believe that the reality show partners do last forever. The couple has been happily married and still living together sharing all joys and sorrow together.

The couple is blessed with two children. After around 4 years of their marriage, Trista gave birth to their first child (son) Maxwell Alston Sutter on July 26, 2007. Again after two years, she gave birth to their second child (daughter) Blakesley Grace Sutter on April 3, 2009.

Trista Sutter and Ryan Sutter

Trista Sutter and Ryan Sutter

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Trista Sutter Family Squad

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