Trevor McDonald talks about Las Vegas.

April 15, 2016
First Published On: April 15, 2016
by HitBerry

Trinidadian-British newsreader and journalist, Trevor McDonald, best known as an ITN news presenter shared his eye-opening journey inside the mysterious world of the America’s sensational city, Las Vegas.

McDonald explored the sleazy underbelly of one of the world’s most glamorous cities, Las Vegas.

The 76-year-old journalist spent two weeks in Las Vegas to explore the shady side of Sin City.

Just like his earlier documentaries, he revealed about his recent exploration in Las Vegas saying:

“It’s about discovering the underbelly of a city that gives this impression of being one of the most glamorous places in the world. But there’s a brutal underside to life there.”

In his two weeks journey, Trevor met the people who lived and worked in the Nevada city which included pimps and prostitutes, a bail bondsman hunting for a criminal on the run and an underground New York gangster.

Instead of chilling there, Trevor spent his Saturday nights with Vegas police and the ex-boxer Mike Tyson who has been trying to rebuild his life after bouts with alcoholism and bankruptcy. He shared his experiences of witnessing one of Tyson’s legendary clashes with Frank Bruno and becoming totally impressed with his charisma.

Talking about Mike Tyson, Trevor said.

 “He’s reserved and reticent, and he doesn’t go too far into things that have happened in his private life – not surprisingly, I guess. He wants to be seen as someone who has turned over a new leaf. He talked about the fact he had it all and lost it but only to emphasize how much his life has changed.”

He shared how he became surprised to discover that prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. However, it has been legalized in surrounding parts of Nevada. He recalled his earlier visit to Nevada when the people blatantly handed out flyers for hookers.

Regarding his meeting with a pimp who hooked people up with the most expensive prostitutes, Trevor said:

And to hear stories of how innocently some came into it was very sad,” he sighed. “One of them broke down and was crying, and you can’t help but be moved by that.”

The former News at Ten presenter has traveled to various parts of the world for his documentary in ITV. Since 2009, he has traveled to Caribbean, Mediterranean, Mississippi River, Death row inmates, New York for his several documentaries on critical issues.

After his two week journey to Las Vegas, he presented his new documentary Las Vegas with Trevor McDonald, a two-part series for ITV in late 2015.

Knighted by the Prince of Wales for his services to journalism, McDonald has reached great heights in his career. He has been contributing to the education and awareness of people since 1960s.

McDonald has been married to his wife Josephine and has two children.

The net worth of Trevor has not been disclosed yet.